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This will be the hardware of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4: processor, battery and more…

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Not long ago, some of the important details that the folding phone will offer were known. Samsung Galaxy ZFlip 4. This is logical, since it is getting closer to its presentation becoming a reality and leaks are common. Now one more has been known that has a good base and that shows characteristics that are basic in a smartphone and, the truth is that, as expected, this will be a powerful and complete model.

Taking into account that it seems quite clear that the thickness and weight of the terminal will be reduced, something crucial because the folding ones are not exactly the best in this section, another thing that is quite clear is that the external screen of the device will be larger so that be more useful. And, despite the above, will not make a fundamental reduction in what has to do with the battery integrated.

Thus, as usual since the arrival of this product range on the market, they will be two elements (one on each side of the equipment) which will add amperage so that the autonomy of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is maintained at adequate ratios. The total capacity will be 3,595mAh -which is the sum of 2,222 + 1,040 milliamps-. This, in principle, should be more than enough so that you can spend a full day using the mobile if the use of the open screen is not abused excessively… And, this is where the larger housing panel will play an important role. .

Very good hardware in this Samsung folding

The data that has been revealed comes because the device has been used in a well-known performance test for Android terminals, as is the case. We are talking specifically about the benchmark Geekbench. On the final results screen you can see, among other things, the processor that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 will use. And the truth is that if it is confirmed there is good news, since the integrated one will be a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1+ (the most powerful of Qualcomm). It works a maximum frequency 3.19GHznot bad, everything must be said, and you can use different cores depending on the need for power -with the ultimate goal of saving battery-.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 results on Geekbench

On the other hand, the device used in the test has 8GB RAM, a more than enough amount, but it would not be surprising if there were a variant that reaches twelve. The fact is that the scores obtained are very good. Since in multicore environments it reaches 3,642 points, while it reaches 1,277 when only one core is used. Come on, the best there will be on the market without a doubt.

Any word on the cameras?

Well, the truth is that not much. With the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, contrary to what happens with the Galaxy Z Fold 4, not much has been leaked other than quality will be maintained. Therefore, it is not to be expected that the same sensors will be integrated as in the S22 Ultra, an addition that would earn users a lot of money. Of course, it seems that the price may be one of its great attractions, since it could include the model cheaper, about 850 euros. Little, considering what the folding ones cost right now.


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