This will be the design of the Pixel Fold, the first folding phone that Google will launch

This will be the design of the Pixel Fold, the first folding phone that Google will launch

This will be the design of the Pixel Fold, the first folding phone that Google will launch

For a long time, at least a year, rumors of a possible folding phone within the range google-pixel They spread like wildfire. But, so far, the Mountain View company has not taken the step to compete with other manufacturers such as Samsung or Xiaomi. Well, it seems that it will be in 2023 when this happens and the design that the terminal will have has been known.

The device will have the name PixelFold, regarding this it seems that there will be no doubt. And, from what has been known, the way in which the screen will be folded will be similar to the one currently used by the Galaxy Z Fold, so initially nothing to offer an option that is similar to the Flip (which many consider to be it is much more useful on a day-to-day basis, because it is much more manageable).

Images showing the design of the Pixel Fold

Well, if what has been seen is confirmed, the appearance that this folding phone will have will be based on the Pixel 7 Pro, so nothing to use a previous generation so that there is a clear difference. And, this is a success on the part of Google, since it will give an aesthetic continuity to its terminals. A clear example of what we are saying is that the camera module -which aims to have three integrated sensors- is practically identical to the device in which It is inspired.

Design of the new Google Pixel Fold

On the other hand, everything indicates that the terminal will have an exclusive finish in two colors: black and white Therefore, the company that created Android is not going to experiment and wants to play it safe. This is because the shades indicated are, by far, the ones that are always sold the most on the market. By the way, that the sides of the terminal will be another of the clear signs that you are facing a Google Pixel phone, the same thing that happens with the hole central and of reduced dimensions that the screen of the device will have.

Google Pixel Fold screen hole

It will be a phone destined for the premium range

And this will be an important thing to keep in mind. The reasons for this are that we are talking about one of the first of the firm to be launched to compete with the best on the market, so it will have high-quality supplies (many of them from Samsung, such as the screen and RAM). In addition, this will mean that the price of the smartphone will not be low, and the source of the information points to the following: €1,799. Yes, it practically takes your breath away reading it.

As we have said, it is expected to be in 2023 when the Pixel Fold is a reality in the market, and in the leak they have been a little more specific. According to the data they have, the chosen moment will be the month of Mayso the countdown has already started.


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