This will be the complete Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 FE tablet, the great rival of the new iPad

This will be the complete Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 FE tablet, the great rival of the new iPad

This will be the complete Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 FE tablet, the great rival of the new iPad

It won’t take long samsung in responding to Apple in the tablet market once those from Cupertino presented the new ranges of their iPad. It has been known that the Korean firm already has a team in the manufacturing process that will compete with the model to compete in the most economical market. And, luckily, this one will not lack the use of his acquaintance S Pen.

The new tablet will be the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 FE (that is, a new Fan Edition that the Asian giant likes so much lately). The equipment will have a screen between 10 and 11 inches and in order to be a cheap device, it will not use an OLED panel, so it will use one LCD. This is not particularly surprising, as this is a decision that has been made in previous generations of FE equipment to adjust costs.

Of course, it will not give any problem with the aforementioned stylus. And the reason to achieve this is that it will resort to the use of a digitizer of Wacom, a company specialized in the manufacture of digital tablets. With this collaboration, the use of a screen like the one mentioned above will not make the experience of use with the S Pen bad. Therefore, we are talking about a correct decision by Samsung if all this is confirmed.

Galaxy Tab S8 FE (that’s the actual name) SM-X506B has an LCD, Wacom digitizer = great pen experience, and carries the codename “Birdie”, so that Geekbench result from September should totally be real.

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Some more things that this Samsung will offer

One of the surprises that will exist in this model has to do with the chosen processor. Samsung will bet on the MediaTek Kompanio 900T, an eight-core SoC that has a very high power and works perfectly without consuming a lot of energy. This data only confirms that, little by little, Qualcomm has things much more complicated in the market. Clearly, many of its regular collaborators opt for MediaTek, which offers a very good user experience at a much more interesting price – and the problems with updates are a thing of the past.

Samsung Galaxy S8 tablet with S Pen

Regarding the operating system, it is quite clear that the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 FE will arrive with Android 13. This will make the operation efficiency high, and it will not lack the usual One UI customization of the Korean firm, which, without a doubt, is one of the best that currently exists. By the way, when it comes to memory, it is normal to bet on 6 or 8 GB of RAM and storage in different quantities with a maximum of 256 gigabytes. Therefore, this tablet will not have cracks.

Possible arrival in the tablet market

Well, taking into account that the model it replaces on the market was launched in August 2021 (so, in theory, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 FE is somewhat late), everything suggests that the official announcement of its launch is imminent. This would allow the firm to take advantage of Christmas sales with this tablet.


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