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This Week in History: January 18-23

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Welcome to this week in history! On this occasion we will talk about several interesting events, among which the births of several important personalities from the world of entertainment and science stand out, as well as the launch of the first computer of one of the largest companies in the world. Let us begin!

January 18, 1977: a group of scientists identifies the origin of Legionnaires’ disease



On this day, and a year after Legionnaires’ disease or legionellosis acquired its nomination, a group of scientists finally managed to identify the bacteria that cause the disease: the Legionella pneumophila.

Legionella is an infectious disease that causes symptoms such as atypical pneumonia and a very high fever. It is estimated that between 5% and 30% of people with legionellosis die, especially if antibiotic treatment has been delayed.

January 19, 2012: United States closes Megaupload


Megaupload was a file transfer and hosting website. However, due to allegations of copyright infringement, it was closed by the FBI in the United States. According to the country’s Justice Department, it generated $ 175 million in legal expenses and $ 500 million in copyright losses were alleged.

This caused the online community to speak out against the measures taken by the US government, to the point that the hacktivist collective Anonymous intervened in the protests, causing the fall of the websites of the US Department of Justice, the Universal Music Group and the FBI.

January 19, 2012 – Eastman Kodak files for bankruptcy

Eastman Kodak

Kodak was one of the most successful companies in the design, production and marketing of photographic equipment. However, the related poor sales of its photographic film business and other financial problems for the company led it to file for bankruptcy.

However, this was not the end of the company. After this declaration, they went through a complete restructuring process. Today, it has focused on digital photography and digital printing, although in the wake of the 2020 pandemic it also opened its horizons to the commercialization of pharmaceutical products.

January 19, 1809 – Edgar Allan Poe, American writer is born

Edgar Allan Poe

One of the main representatives of the literary horror genre, especially of Gothic short stories, was born on this day in history. Edgar Allan Poe was a world-renowned American writer, because in addition to his contributions to the genre, he is also credited with the invention of the detective story.

The circumstances surrounding his death are as mysterious as his accounts, as it has been attributed to many causes: alcohol use, brain congestion, anger, drugs, heart failure, rage, suicide, tuberculosis and more. However, they were never fully clarified, although an investigation into his writings could reveal the truth behind this event.

January 19, 1985: Damien Chazelle is born

Damien Chazelle

One of the most famous directors and screenwriters was born on this day in history. Damien Chazelle is recognized for his work directing and writing great films such as ‘Whiplash’, ‘La La Land’ and ‘First Man’. Despite not having a very extensive filmography, the young filmmaker has managed to position himself as one of the greats in Hollywood, which we can see in his numerous nominations at the Oscars and the Golden Globe.

January 19, 2000: Hedy Lamarr dies

Hedy Lamarr

Hedy Lamarr was one of the great film actresses, recognized for her work mainly in ‘Algiers’ (1938), ‘Samson and Delilah’ (1949), ‘Ecstasy’ (1933) and many other films of the time. She was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1960.

However, Lamarr, in addition to being an actress, was an inventor, and a very important one for today. She is credited with the invention of a secret communications system during World War II, which would end up evolving nothing more and nothing less than the creation of WiFi.

January 21, 1893: Coca-Cola formula is patented


Since its creation in 1886, Coca-Cola has been changing the formula of its drink and many food scientists took it upon themselves to try to decipher its secret ingredients. The company always denied the accuracy of its research, until finally in 1893 it decided to patent the formula of the famous soda.

This company has always stood out not only for the quality of its product, but also for its intelligent marketing strategies around the world. In addition, they have now been implementing the use of AI in their campaigns in a way worthy of admiration.

January 21, 1904 – Dr. Edris Rice-Wray is born

Edris Rice-Wray Carson - Wikipedia

Edris Rice-Wray was an American scientist and activist who was noted above all for her collaboration on the oral contraceptive pill trial and her research on the contraceptive injection. She was named one of the 75 Most Important Women in America in 1971 by the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal.

However, he always stressed that the pill “gives one hundred percent protection against pregnancy but causes some side reactions and that does not allow them to be acceptable”, thus seeking to create increasingly effective methods for birth control.

January 22, 2016: Exoplanet 2MASS J2126 was discovered

week,history,january 18-23

On this day, the exoplanet with the longest and widest orbit known so far was discovered: 2MASS J2126. This is the gas giant type that has an enormous orbit of approximately 1 million years around the red dwarf star TYC 9486-927-1 24.75 parsecs away from it.

January 22, 1855: Albert Neisser is born

SHOCKWEB I Biographies

This German doctor was responsible for discovering the pathogen causing gonorrhea and also the causative agent of leprosy. In addition, his contributions regarding serum treatment of syphilis patients also helped to discover possible medicines to counteract the disease, although he employed prostitutes for his research who were not aware of the experiment, which caused him to be criticized.

January 24, 1984 – The first Apple Macintosh computer goes on sale in the United States

Macintosh 128K
Steve Jobs with three 128K Macintoshs.

The apple company began its path to success on this day in history with the launch of the company’s first computer: the Macintosh 128K. It was first featured in the Ridley Scott-directed television ad “1984,” which to this day is considered a milestone in company history.

January 24, 1965: Winston Churchill dies

Winston churchill

Churchill was a British politician who stood out in his profession for his leadership of the United Kingdom during World War II, which caused him to be considered one of the great wartime politicians. This, in addition, was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in two periods, was an officer of the British Army, journalist, historian, writer and artist. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature and was made an honorary citizen of the United States.

That’s all for this week! We will read in the next article.


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