This website keeps track of all Apple events since 1983

This website keeps track of all Apple events since 1983
A website keeps track of Apple events since 1983. REUTERS/Mike Segar/File Photo

The presentation of the first iphone by Steve Jobs at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in 2008 was an important moment for the device industry mobile for the presence that he would have smartphone of the company globally.

That is why the words spoken by the CEO of the company of technology during that presentation are relevant and can serve as a starting point for analyzes on the evolution of the device in almost 15 years of history. Although it is true that they can be reviewed by searching videos back then, it’s even more helpful to have on hand transcripts of what was mentioned not only in that but in other presentations of products.

As a result of this need, the website of integrated an artificial intelligence tool that allows users to search for a specific word or phrase that was said by Steve Jobs either Tim Cook during official events Manzana since 1983 to the present.

Website keeps record of what was said in Apple events since 1983

Website keeps record of what was said in Apple events since 1983

How to use the phrase finder in Apple events

In order to use this tool, the users they just need to go to the website and write a word or phrase in the seeker. For example, the word iphone was pronounced a total of 2824 times during the presentations of Manzana since its launch in the year 2008 to the present.

Furthermore, to provide more context about why some terms were mentioned during the conferences of developers of the company of technologythe digital tool is linked to a virtual repository in Youtube in which are the recordings on video of all the presentations of Manzanasince 1983 so any phrase will have a link to these videos.

Not only can you see all of the presentationsbut also interested people will be directed to the exact moment (in minutes and seconds of video) in which the phrase is mentioned by any of the CEO from the company to the most recent event. within the data that are mentioned within the results of the searches it also shows the specific name of the event in which it is mentioned, the date and also the exact minute in which it is said in the presentations.

Another of the functions of the Web page is that the words are auto-completed by the system to include more precise results in relation to what is sought. For example, if the word “bad” is searched for, since the file only allows queries in English, it will be auto-completed and results such as “”badass”, “badge”, “badly” will be included, among others that present similarities with the finished consulted.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs presents the new iPhone in 2008. (Capture)

Apple CEO Steve Jobs presents the new iPhone in 2008. (Capture)

On the other hand, to have an even more complete search, the website offers the possibility of searching for complete phrases such as “iOS and macOS”, mixed results will be presented as in Google.

On the one hand, it will be possible to see exactly the same phrase within a longer sentence, and it will also be possible to separate the words in terms of search individual. The word “and” will be searched independently whenever it is located close to the others mentioned to avoid an excess in the search results. results.

People who want to know more about Apple, how were the presentations of their products throughout history, as well as knowing when words like iphoneipod, ipad, Manzanaamong other terms known by followers of the brand, can explore the results of their searches and sort them from newest to oldest or vice versa.

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