This way you can locate the iPhone if you can’t find it thanks to the flashlight

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Using the iPhone flashlight

Not knowing where you have left your cell phone is something very common. We get distracted thinking about other things and, when we want to send a WhatsApp or ask a question, we find that we have no idea where have we left the iPhone. The good news is that there is another method with which we can search for it even if we have it on silent and calling or activating the auditory signal remotely is not an option.

If you have an Apple Watch, you probably already know the iPhone search method with the sound signal. We have used it a thousand times and, in the end, it has become one of the most practical uses that we give to the apple watch in our daily lives. But, as we indicated, there is another way in which you can use your smartwatch to locate your lost cell phone: the flashlight.

Activate your iPhone’s flashlight

The iPhone flashlight is an accessory that amazes us for its simplicity and how useful it is. We often use it when we have already turned off the lights in the room and want to search for something or even on those nights when we think we hear something and point our cell phone at the wall. Now the flashlight is also going to become the tool we use as a way to find the iPhone if we have lost it.

iPhone flashlight activation menu

To do this, what you have to do is use the smartwatch with the intention of activating the flashlight from a distance so that its light beam, which is not exactly reduced, tells us where the mobile phone is. Initially, Apple had the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčintroducing this function not thinking that it would end up becoming a function that would usually “save your life”, but rather as an accessibility system. Thus, they wanted people with hearing problems or those who do not hear at any level to be able to also benefit from finding their cell phone in those moments when they do not know where it is. However, it is logical that this is a feature that anyone can use without limits.

This is how you have to do it

you have to start opening the Control Center of your watch. To do this, what you must do is click on the physical button that the device has on one of the sides, more precisely on the right. It’s easy to get confused by the action button, but remember that it is orange in color. Make sure you press the button on the right side and that will bring up the options menu.

Button to open the Apple Watch Control Center

What you would normally do next to make the iPhone’s audible signal sound would be to click on the Ping iPhone option. And this, as we told you, works well if the sound is sufficient for the search. But, in many cases, it is not. So you will need to take the next step: Press and hold the ping button. If you look at the screen, you will see that the ping button is represented with the icon of a mobile phone that has two waves of movement on each of its sides.

That being said, make sure you hold down the button in question. At that moment, the iPhone’s location mode will be activated with a double system: through the auditory signal and with the flashlight turned on. The way in which the light will be activated will be with a routine in which five light signals will be emitted as five flashes of light. What happens if it hasn’t been enough time for you to detect the mobile? In that case you will have to repeat the tutorial that we have shared with you to have a second attempt.

Apple Watch Control Center Menu

The system is a good idea, but it has some shortcomings that it would not hurt for Apple to correct for future updates to its devices. For example, it is basically a problem that the five flashes of light are not a constant signal from the flashlight. It would be much easier to choose tell the cell phone to activate the flashlight and to leave it on until we found it. On the other hand, we are also not convinced that it is not possible to activate the flashlight without the simultaneous activation of the auditory signal. There are times when we would prefer to use just the light from the flashlight because the sound could wake up those sleeping at home.

Also, of course, the idea is so good It is a shame that it can only be used with the Apple Watch and that there are not many better alternatives, such as Apple’s AirTags. But who knows if, in the future, they will make it easier for us to use this function.

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