This way you can delete the games you want on a Nintendo Switch

como eliminar los juegos que desees en tu nintendo switch.jpg
como eliminar los juegos que desees en tu nintendo switch.jpg

The Nintendo Switch is a console that, like its main competitors (PlayStation and Xbox), has a vast library of games downloadable in digital format.

For this specific format, it is very likely that between downloading all those video games that you like, you could end up running out of storage space on the console. However, you should not worry, because you can get rid of those titles that you no longer use to gain some space.

This is something that can actually be done on all consoles, and due to the wide range of video games that we can find in their respective stores, it is very simple. forget about the issue of storage and the free space that the console has left in question.

Now, to fully enter the process that you must follow on a Nintendo Switch to delete the games you want, then you can see a series of steps that you must complete on your console so that everything goes correctly, so without further ado let’s go for it.

How to delete video games on your Nintendo Switch

– Press the start button of your Nintendo Switch and locate that game you want to delete.
– On the game in question, press the button + to bring up your game menu.
– In the new tab that will open, go down until you find the window of manage software and click on A.
– Go down to the last tab that indicates remove software and press the button A.
– On the new game removal announcement, finally tap on Remove and then in Okay.

By now the video game you selected will have been removed from your console, although its data still remains on the device and in the same way They must be deleted so that they do not consume your available space. To remove this you must do the following:

– Press the home button on your Nintendo Switch.
– Position yourself on the gear wheel icon, which is the section of System configuration and click on A to enter.
– Go down a bit until you find the window of Data management and click on A.
– Inside this new window, scroll down to the bottom and press A on the tab Delete save data.
– Locate the game you have deleted and press on A.
– There are two options here: you can delete the game data for your specific account by pressing Delete saved data for (here the name of your account), or if you want to delete the information of the whole console, you can go down and click on Delete all save data for this software.
– Press A on the red button Remove and ready.

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