This video shows what the design of the entire Apple iPhone 15 range will be like

This video shows what the design of the entire Apple iPhone 15 range will be like

It just showed you what it could be the entire line of iPhone 15 thanks to a video in which you can see some alleged test units. Taking into account the source of the information, it is very likely that these test units show what would be the real design of the new Apple phones.

Considering the level of detail of the images, you can get a fairly clear idea of ​​what the next four iPhone 15 models will be like. An example of what can be seen in the recording is that finally, and as expected, the ” Dynamic Island” will be present in both the basic model and the Plus.

Another thing that is clearly seen in the recording is that The four devices that Apple will also arrive with a USB Type-C port that its location will not change with respect to what is currently used, therefore, no surprises in this section and, far from it, a dual option will be offered in this section.

Some more things about the iPhone 15

The source who posted the video also points out that the corners of iPhone 15 models have a slight additional rounding over the previous generation. This, in principle, will make them much more comfortable when holding them. By the way, something that may vary from what you see in the recording is that the actual Pro models do not have a unified volume button.

Don’t pay too much attention to the matte and glossy finish on these devices, as that part probably isn’t accurate on all models. In this regard, it is rumored that the iPhone 15 Pro series will offer a frame made of titanium to improve strength and make them lighter, but that’s not something we can see here.

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One more thing worth mentioning is that the iPhone series test units: if you go by what you see in the pictures, there will be an “action button” above the volume buttons themselves. Apple is considering removing the mute switch and using this button instead (which would be customizable, so it will do more than just mute your device).

Arrival of the new terminals on the market

We will be able to clear up doubts in the month of Septemberwhere the new Apple iPhone will be announced with total security and, therefore, will reveal all its secrets.