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This summer… 4G WiFi router or share mobile data?

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The arrival of summer is approaching, something that we can already notice due to the high temperatures present throughout the Spanish territory. If we are going to enjoy the Internet in a second residence, hotels, apartments or wherever we try to be cooler to enjoy the holidays, we may be thinking about how we are going to connect.

Especially if you don’t spend every summer in the same house, where you can rent more Internet for a second residence, we are going to see what advantages and disadvantages the 4G WiFi router has compared to the tethering.

Advantages and disadvantages of tethering

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Sharing your mobile data rate with your computer, Smart TV or any other connected device can get you out of trouble in summer if you need to connect, but the smartphone is not enough for you to connect directly for any reason.

instant tethering


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In this regard, it seems that data sharing, also called tethering, is the simplest and most immediate solution, but it has two major drawbacks. On the one hand, there is data consumption, which is triggered with this method. When we share mobile data with a device such as a laptop, there are a lot of background tasks such as updates, email synchronization, cloud services, etc. All of this can skyrocket data costs and settle your monthly rate of gigabytes at maximum speed.

Of course, it may also be that you have an unlimited gigabytes rate, but, even in that case, responsible use limitations may apply if you exceed the average consumption several times a month.

The other big problem is much less solvable regardless of the rate you have, since it directly affects the smartphone as a portable router in mode tethering. Battery consumption can be multiplied up to 5 times to be able to emit a WiFi signal to which the rest of the devices connect. Even if you use it plugged in, it will cause overheating, degrade the battery cell and shorten the life of your mobile phone.

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Finally, the connection quality, speed, and stability will not reach the quality levels that a router exclusively for that purpose can have. That is why sharing your mobile data connection is a good idea for a specific momentbut it is a very bad idea to do it continuously for many of the reasons that we have told you.

Reasons to use a 4G router

A portable 4G (or 5G) router is also a device that we can take with us and use anywhere, since works via SIM carda fact that can cause confusion for those who think that, in essence, leaving the Internet connection from the same place would be an identical option to tethering.

4G Router

4G Router

A 4G router is much more stable, it is specially dedicated for this function, it does not have to run other applications behind it, it is not connected to a voice band, and it has dedicated antennas for this purpose. Of course, the data connection is not cut off by an incoming call.

One more advantage is the increased security. A MiFi device or 4G router has a built-in firewall and advanced features to protect us against possible attacks from the Internet. In addition, in a 4G router you will also be able to connect more devices simultaneously, a 4G router will allow us to connect many more WiFi clients simultaneously. It is a good solution for several people or to be able to connect several computers at the same time.

Portable routers are perfect for teleworking or enjoying leisure time wherever you don’t have a fiber or ADSL connection. It’s the closest thing to being at home or in the officewith a stable connection, without problems of damaging your mobile phone, without problems when it comes to consuming your mobile data for what you use them for what they really are, your mobile connection.

The great disadvantage compared to doing Tethering with the mobile is that we will have to buy an independent device that can sometimes be quite expensive if we want quality, while doing tethering is completely free. We will also have to put a SIM card. If you are not independent or if we did not hire the multi SIM servicewe are going to have to leave our mobile without the card.

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