This spectacular and fun AI is free and you can use it directly on your WhatsApp

Pi is a text artificial intelligence that is easily integrated into WhatsApp. It can be used without paying and is useful as well as very fun.

Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly the topic of the year. We’ve seen impressive progress since Open AI introduced Chat GPT, both in text and image generation tools and others. Here we have talked about Midjourney, Leonardo AI and many others. And this is only the beginning. In fact, just yesterday Google announced that it would integrate Bard into many of its applications and services, which could change the way those programs are used. And Gemini is about to fall.

Bard is a chatbot, an AI capable of responding to text. A few months ago LucIA came to the fore, a chatbot designed for WhatsApp of Spanish origin, which It also integrated the possibility of making images using the Dall-E engine. Today it’s someone else’s turn chatbot called Pi, capable of maintaining a conversation at a much more human level, due to the way he expresses himself.

That is his great asset, the way he communicates. You can talk to him (or her) in several languages, Spanish being one of the possibilities. Additionally, she uses fairly simple expressions and doesn’t look like a robot trying to communicate with a human. The most humorous touch is given by the emojis that are interspersed in each conversation.

This AI is designed by a company called Inflection AI, which has enabled a web page where you can chat with its creation. By default if we start chatting there it will write in English, but You just have to ask him to do it in Spanish so that the language changes and start talking to us in that language.

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To use AI in WhatsApp what you have to do is add the number +1 (314) 333-1111 to your contact list and start a conversation from the chat. Simply that. The use of AI will depend on each user, although it is always limited to text.

Pi Screenshot

This artificial intelligence is neither the first nor the last that will be seen on WhatsApp. We should not even rule out that Meta ends up taking its advances in this field to its flagship help users and enhance monetization by companies.