This smartwatch brand leaves the market and causes chaos among its users

this smartwatch brand leaves the market and causes chaos among.jpg
this smartwatch brand leaves the market and causes chaos among.jpg

A girl using her Fossil brand smartwatch

It’s over. A smartwatch manufacturer whose models They are available on Amazon Spain and which enjoys a very high volume of popularity, has decided to withdraw from the market. Immediately, it has caused adverse reactions among users around the world.



It is not common for this type of situation to occur. A manufacturer, which already has a long history, decides that will not continue working with your product and that there will be no more models. But in a sector like the smartwatch, which has never reached the levels of fame that brands would have desired, it is not something that should be too surprising either. This time it is Fossil, but we should not rule out that, sooner or later, other similar manufacturers, coming from the watch industry and not the technology industry, will follow them.

There will be no more models

Fossil has confirmed that this has been the end. Your devices corresponding to Gen 6, which are for sale in stores like Amazon, will be the last to be launched. With its abandonment, it must be recognized that the wearables market loses one of the brands that had tried the most to innovate and, on the other hand, had put the most interesting proposals on sale.

Different models and designs of Fossil smartwatches



From here on, the company is determined to continue working hard, but reinvesting all the effort and budget that its wearable division took towards the production of classic format watches. Like other watch brands, Fossil saw an opportunity in the Smart market and tried to take advantage of it, but in the long term it has been confirmed that it was not a good idea.

What will happen to the available watches?

The main concern and what users who have purchased a Fossil brand smartwatch fear is that they will end up being abandoned. Does the company intend to leave them aside and not support their wearable devices? At the moment, it seems not. They say from Fossil that the company’s intention is to keep the current watches in its catalog updated “over the next few years”. However, it is obvious that, in the words of the brand representative, there is no type of precision. Those “next years” could mean anything, from two years to ten.

A person with a Fossil smartwatch on their wrist

Until now, Fossil fans were waiting for the company to comment and tell him what was happening. The reason for this is that, since 2021, they have not offered a new generation of their smartwatches for sale. There were two theories that were circulating that pointed to two very different types of conclusions. The first of them said that Fossil was considering withdrawing from the market as has ended up happening. Some supposed employees of the firm had advanced it, but it was difficult to give them credibility. The second theory indicated that the company was waiting to get its hands on a new chip that would allow it to market the next generation of its smartwatch.

In the end we already know what really happened and that there will be no more models of the Fossil watches that have sold so well. Not in vain on Amazon, for example, the Gen 6 model has reached accumulate more than 2,200 reviews, so you can get the idea of ​​the enormous number of units that must have been sold. Right now, in a way that does not surprise anyone, the watch has a 40% discount in the aforementioned online store. We assume that the company is beginning to enter into a liquidation campaign to be able to forget about this wearable adventure in the shortest time possible.

Using the Alexa assistant on a Fossil smartwatch

In any case, it is obvious that news like this is not good. A manufacturer that had contributed a lot to the smartwatch market and that always stood out in terms of quality leaves the sector. using the Wear OS operating system. It is true that smart watches have not been adopted globally as has happened with smartphones, but perhaps it would not have hurt if Fossil gave them one last chance. Because, as we said, there have been many users who have been waiting since 2021 to have a new model in their hands.