This screensaver for Android TV or Google TV will give your television a minimalist touch

This screensaver for Android TV or Google TV will give your television a minimalist touch
this screensaver for android tv or google tv will give

Android TV and its successor, Google TV, have positioned themselves as the operating system par excellence. While it is true that Samsung dominates TV sales and uses its own Tizen operating system, Philips, Sony, TCL and other brands are betting on Google’s interface, so in volume, Android TV and Google TV lead the market.

An operating system with a lot to offer and that boasts a catalog of games and applications that allow you to get the most out of your television. Also, if you know the best apps you will be able to get much more out of your Smart TV than you imagine, as well as live a more complete experience.

For example, We have already told you about Google TV, the application for smart TVs that turns your phone into a remote control to buy any equipment with Android TV or Google TV.

And today we are going to talk about Aerial Views, a completely free application that stands out for giving a very minimalist touch to your television.

Turn your TV into an Apple TV 4K with this wallpaper

As you well know, navie can deny the minimalist touch that surrounds all Apple products. And your media player, Apple TV 4K has an impressive screensaver and that gives it a unique look.

enlarge photo

Well, you know that you can download a Screensaver traced to Apple TV 4K and that shows you all kinds and images of nature that will make you fall in love. Without a doubt, the perfect companion if you are going to have visitors at home and you want to be like never before.

The idea is that this app uses Apple TV screensavers so you can use them on Google TV or Android TV. The app is very complete and also takes into account the model of television you use.

This way, If you have a television or Smart TV with OLED technology, you can activate a mode that prevents pixel burning. In addition, by offering support for Dolby Vision you will not lack options to squeeze the potential of your TV screen.

If you want to try this screensaver, the process is extremely simple. The first thing you have to do is download it to your television, searching for Aerial Views screensaver in Google Play. If you use a TV with Google TV, remember to use the voice command “Ok Google, open Google Play” to save time.

Once you have installed the application, all you have to do is open it and configure it as you want to enjoy an unrivaled screensaver on Android TV or Google TV.


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