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This screen will be in the windows of future cars. and it’s awesome

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Today’s cars include increasingly surprising technologies. And the OLED panels They have become one of the most coveted contracts for giants such as Samsung or LG. Although a new tall opponent has come out.

Well, it’s not really a new opponent, since BOE is the largest manufacturer of LCD screens globally. The Asian company is a benchmark in the sector and has taken advantage of the fact that SID Display Week 2022 is being held to show its new OLED panel for cars.

This is the smart window that BOE has presented

As reported, we are talking about a 12.5-inch interactive window and offers 45% transparency when activated. In this way, you can use it while traveling without losing sight of what is happening in your environment.

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BOE’s idea is that its 12.5-inch smart window is integrated into the side windows of future vehicles to be able to carry out all kinds of actions through it.

As you may have seen in the video that heads these lines the possibilities offered by the new BOE smart window are impressive. You can see the GPS route, play games, check the weather or even take a picture using the external cameras of the vehicle.

To do this, BOE has developed a transparent OLED screen capable of standing up to LG solutions, the current leader in this type of panel. As the company explains, based on the original three pixels red, green and blue, a “transparent sub-pixel” is added using the small space between the pixels.

This sub-pixel uses transparent materials and does not emit light, but allows transmission to be increased for better viewing. And be careful, it reaches 700 nits of maximum brightness, making it perfect for all kinds of environments.

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As the company reports, “The launch of BOE’s dazzling transparent flexible OLED interactive window has injected new impetus into the expansion of flexible OLED display applications in vehicle-mounted and other Internet of Things scenarios.”

Highlight that BOE has used its own touch technology which ensures that you can tap with ten fingers so that you can draw or write in the best conditions. The company indicates that its flexible and transparent touch screen stands out from its rivals because it adapts to the shape of the car window so that image quality is not lost.

There are still a few years to go until we see this technology in operation, as it is currently a prototype. But it allows us to take a look at the future, and the truth is that it looks really good.

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