This quirky keyboard is sold as NFT, is inspired by ‘Westworld’, claims to be ergonomic, and costs over $ 1,500

This quirky keyboard is sold as NFT, is inspired by 'Westworld', claims to be ergonomic, and costs over $ 1,500

The world of keyboards is exciting, especially when a company lets its imagination run wild and does curious things like AM HATSU. Because yes, that can be seen in the.

According to Li Nan, founder of Angry Miao and former director of Meizu, the company in charge of developing this product, AM HATSU is inspired by ‘Westworld’, the popular HBO series. Specifically, in the animation of the intro. It has been manufactured with a five-axis CNC using aircraft grade metal and the company has not hesitated to price it at $ 1,600.

A keyboard nothing unconventional

Am Hatsu 03

The AM HATSU is an “unconventional” 4×6 layout split keyboard, the company says. It is designed so that no need to raise the wrist or support the forearm, something that in principle would help to maintain a more natural posture. The company claims that this keyboard reduces the load on the shoulders and can reduce pain in the wrist joints, although it also recognizes that there is a learning curve that must be overcome.

The keys are arranged in three areas that are right where we put our fingers. In this way, the most experienced user, in principle, could write without having to move their hands more than necessary. It is a very different system from conventional keyboards and it is probably not exactly easy to adapt to it.

Am Hatsu 01

The keyboard is completely wireless and can connect with up to three devices at the same time. For this, the device uses the “most advanced wireless chip” and uses two wireless communication protocols at the same time, one to connect to the host (the computer, the laptop …) and the other of low frequency to connect the two parts. that make up the keyboard. The idea is to avoid possible interference in communication.

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It is a most curious device whose price is quite high. The AM HATSU It costs $ 1,600 and only 100 units will be made in the first batch they will have a unique serial number. The reservation will be made through NFT in OpenSea and will have a price of 320 dollars. This will achieve a NFT Trading Card that, subsequently, and once the remaining amount has been paid, it can be exchanged for the physical device. The keyboard is expected to be ready in six months as it is currently under development.