This pack for the Tesla Model S Plaid unleashes all its hidden power

One of the best electric cars you can buy today is the impressive Tesla Model S Plaid. A super sports car presented almost two years ago and demonstrated the muscle of the American company. And now, the motoring giant founded by Elon Musk has just announced an impressive upgrade kit.

When they presented the Tesla Model S Plaid back in June 2021, it boasted some characteristics beyond any doubt. Taking into account that this electric car is capable of reach 100 km/h in just 2 secondsit is clear that it is a beast.

And be careful with its maximum speed, because it is incredible. But limited. Yes, the Tesla Model S Plaid is “only” capable of reaching 163 MPH, about 262 kilometers per hour. But, with his new pack, whatjust announced, its full power is unleashed to hit 200 MPH or 322 kilometers per hour!

More power than ever for the Tesla Model S Plaid

In addition, from Tesla they have published an impressive video where we can see the Model S Plaid in all its splendor so that you can see that now it does reaches 321 kilometers per hour that they promised in the official presentation of this electric super sports car.

Model S Plaid track pack coming soon

—Tesla (@Tesla) May 4, 2023

About This new track pack is priced at $20,000. a figure that is not exactly trivial. Although taking into account that the price of the most basic model is 139,999 euros, the price of the pack is not so exaggerated either.

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In case you didn’t know, Tesla put a speed limit so it wouldn’t reach its full potential. The reason? Bet on bigger brakes, which come in this pack, so you can stop better at higher speeds.

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Although the pack is not currently available in Spain, when you try to configure a Tesla Model S Plaid through the American website, the option to buy the pack appears. new track package for $15,000 and includes a carbon ceramic brake kit, or pay $20,000 for the brake kit and a wheel and tire package optimized for performance and track use.

Now, all that remains is to wait for its arrival in Spain because, if you can afford it, this kit is perfect for spending an unforgettable time spinning around a circuit. And we already anticipate that it will surely reach other regions in the coming weeks so that future owners of a Model S Plaid can add this kit, in addition to improving your vehicle if you already have it.