This operator with Orange and Movistar coverage gives you up to 400GB for 21 euros

this operator with orange and movistar coverage gives you up to 400gb for 21 euros
this operator with orange and movistar coverage gives you up to 400gb for 21 euros

With this rate renewal, its single contract mobile with 20GB is crowned as the cheapest rate on the market at this time for its data range. The prices of its most ambitious rates decrease between two and three euros.

Among the MVNOs with the cheapest rates currently in Spain is Xenet. The operator had not updated its prices for some time and, during these months, other firms had announced better offers. But this week, the operator with Orange and Movistar coverage has renewed its menu and offers no less than 20 GB for 5.90 euros as a more affordable mobile-only option.

Specifically, the virtual operator has not only increased the gigabytes it offers in all rates, but has also decreased the price of some options to lower the average price per gigabit in each modality. In addition, Xenet recovers its mobile-only rates and, with this, once again offers the cheapest contract mobile-only rate on the market in Spain: 20 GB for 5.90 euros. Below, we present the changes made to the rest of the rates with Orange coverage :

  • The old 32 GB rate now offers 50 GB for 8 euros.
  • The old 70 GB rate now offers 100 GB for 9 euros.
  • The old 140 GB rate now offers 150 GB for 12 euros.
  • The old 160 GB rate now offers 200 GB for 14 euros.

All of them have unlimited calls, accumulate gigabytes from one month to the next, and none require permanence. Xenet offers three other mobile-only rates: unlimited with 400 GB cumulative for 21 euros, Family-150GB with 3 lines for 20 euros and Family-200GB with three lines for 22 euros.

On the other hand, the Valencian operator has also changed the rates with Movistar coverage , so that they are stated as follows:

  • 20 GB for 5.90 euros.
  • 30 GB for 9 euros.
  • 80 GB for 12 euros.
  • 120 GB for 15 euros.
  • 160 GB for 19 euros.

It must be taken into account that rates with Movistar coverage do not accumulate data, as those with orange coverage do.

It should also be noted that Xenet currently offers connectivity only up to 4G, being incompatible with the most modern 5G. It also does not support LTE, HD Voice and WiFi Voice technologies. They do not offer MultiSIM or eSIM services, so if you are a user of one of these options, you will not be interested in this operator. SMS messages cost 12 cents. If none of these things are a problem for you, this OMV is one of the cheapest that exists today in Spain.

Along with these options, Xenet continues to offer mobile+fiber combos and Xenet Fiber. You can check all their plans on their website .

Face to face with Finetwork at the cheapest rates

For consumers looking for a lower price without caring about access to 5G, Xenet’s 20 GB rate rivals Finetwork’s 10 GB rate, which this operator offers for only 4.90 euros per month. On the other hand, for approximately 7 euros both Digi and O2 offer mobile-only rates with 15 GB and 12 GB respectively, with the advantage of offering a 5G connection.

At this time, Lowi offers a temporary promotional rate of 30GB with unlimited calls for 9.95 euros per month as the final price. None of these options require permanence.


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