This operator wants to be a rival to Digi with its new fiber and mobile rates

this operator wants to be a rival to digi with its new fiber and mobile rates
this operator wants to be a rival to digi with its new fiber and mobile rates

It is not one of the best-known operators, but with its latest rate improvement it seeks to compete with renowned cheap operators, such as Digi, Lowi, Pepephone… The Lemmon operator has just improved all its rates, and it must also be taken into account that It is an MVNO with Orange coverage that offers everything from Internet only to combined plans. So it’s a good time to take a look at their new rates.

When an operator lowers prices, it is celebrated. One of the latest operators to join the group of companies that renew their rates is Lemmon. Even one of the positive points of this low cost is that it will also soon offer 5G coverage. Hence it inevitably has to be compared with Digi, since it is one of the cheapest operators at the moment that does not stop accumulating new clients.

Your renewed mobile rates

One of the most striking aspects of this low-cost operator can be found in its mobile-only catalog. It has different options, and the best of all is that none of these rates exceed 20 euros. These are Lemmon’s plans:

  • 20 GB cumulative + unlimited calls for 6.90 euros per month.
  • 30 GB cumulative + unlimited calls for 9.90 euros per month.
  • 100 GB cumulative + unlimited calls for 12.90 euros per month.
  • 200 GB accumulative + unlimited calls for 15.90 euros per month.

Although the offer is varied, the truth is that an unlimited mobile rate is missing. However, this company allows, like many others, to accumulate GB month by month . So it is a point that is appreciated. In addition, it will soon offer, as it is already reporting, 5G coverage to its customers.

As for other aspects of their mobile rates, it must also be taken into account that once the bonus mobile data has been consumed, the browsing speed drops to 16 Kbps up to an additional 5 GB without paying extra for the rate. And, on the other hand, although it offers unlimited minutes, the operator sets a limit of 3,000 minutes per month and 700 minutes maximum for each day. Just as SMS are not included and the cost of each one is 0.18 euros.

Fiber + mobile from 30 euros

In addition to their mobile-only rates, it should be noted that their combined rates are not bad either. Although, in this case, they are not at the level of Digi’s low prices, they can compete with other options. Lemmon has a reduced fiber and mobile catalogue, but it starts at 30 euros .

This telephone company offers up to three speeds for fiber and in all of them a mobile line with unlimited calls + 100 GB is added:

  • Fiber with 300 Mbps + mobile for 30 euros per month.
  • Fiber with 500 Mbps + mobile for 33 euros per month.
  • Fiber with 1 Gbps + mobile for 35 euros per month.

And although the main mobile line is always the same rate, it also gives the option of adding additional lines with lower prices: 20 GB for 5 euros, 30 GB for 6 euros, 100 GB for 8 euros or 200 GB for 10 euros per month. Of course, there is a 12-month stay, and not just 3 months as happens in other companies. So if you unsubscribe before, you have to pay the installation payment, which is 123.97 euros + VAT.


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