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This nifty case turns the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro headphones into a retro phone

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Samsung announced last week Galaxy Buds Pro today their most premium set of wireless headphones to date. They have a design in the ear similar to Galaxy Buds Plus, but are aesthetically inspired by the Galaxy Buds Live.

But now it turns out that in other countries the big news last week was not that Samsung released new wireless headphones, but some covers for them. And it is that the company wants dazzle those children of the late ’90s with a most peculiar cover.

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A case that turns the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro headphones into a retro phone

Retro case for Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Hypebeast

Days after a new category of accessory products was announced for those products, among them, Samsung has launched a couple of fun protective cases for its new Galaxy Buds Pro, turning wireless headphones into a retro mobile phone. specifically, its design resembles the mythical and old Samsung Anycall T100 or Anycall E700 mobiles.

In a strategy of attracting users through retro designs, these covers provide Galaxy Buds Pro an additional protection but characterizing them with a fresh and retro touch. These covers as we have commented previously They are non-functional versions of the Samsung Anycall T100 and Anycall E700 phones that were announced a whopping almost 20 years ago.

Until now Galaxy Buds owners did not enjoy a variety of funky cases, as if AirPods owners have thanks to outside companies. That is why Samsung has wanted to open the way in its line of headphones, thus filling a bit the gap of these accessories for its brand models.

Only available in South Korea at the moment

Unfortunately, If you plan to get one of these covers, you will have to wait, since at the moment they are exclusive for the South Korean market. In addition, they are only available with for the new Galaxy Buds Pro, not being available for previous models of the brand. Due to the anticipation generated, we would not be surprised if Samsung thought that they would reach more markets in the future.

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Stopping at its price, it should be noted that some media are reporting thatThe cases are only available as gifts in the official store, as an extra accessory when buying the Galaxy Buds Pro headphones and only at physical outlets in South Korea, he extra cost is about $ 30, a really high price for a headphone case.

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