This new Windows 10 feature will make it much easier for you to always have your computer up to date.

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this new windows 10 feature will make it much easier.png

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Microsoft announced months ago that the company was going to continue offering technical support to Windows 10 users until at least October 14, 2025. Therefore, it is likely that until then we will be able to witness how many of the functions that were initially were on Windows 11, they are beginning to land on version 10. The last of them: the possibility of automatically enabling the updates options that are coming onto the market.

The arrival of Windows 11 to the market meant, for many users, the possibility of enjoying functionalities that were greatly missed in previous versions. However, as Microsoft has analyzed the acceptance of some of them, a selection of them is also landing on Windows 10. And, as Microsoft already announced at the time, the technology company will maintain technical support until at least October 14, 2025.

One of these features has been the possibility of enable updates options automatically. By enabling this option, we will have the guarantee that our computer will always be updated with the latest Microsoft software, even if the update is not mandatory. Although, yes, it will have certain nuances which we are going to know next.

Not for all users

Microsoft has added the ability to activate the “Enable updates options” with the aim of continuing to build a safer and less fragmented ecosystem in the face of such a large number of versions and updates that are released to the market on a recurring basis. In this case, this novelty focuses mainly on the figure of the IT administrator, who can guarantee the arrival of automatic way of the latest security improvements on all equipment in your organization.

When we go to enable the option, Microsoft offers us three possibilities:

  • Automatically receive optional updates, including CFRs: In this case, we will receive optional updates, even when they are not related to security, such as the gradual implementation of functions.
  • Automatically receive updates options: In this case, no incremental feature rollouts will be received.
  • Users will be able to select which updates to receive: The system will notify the existence of a new update and it will be the user who will choose what type of update they want to install.

automatic windows 10 body updates

In the hands of the administrators

For now, the change will not affect any Microsoft users until the administrators of each team make a decision regarding the configuration of this policy. It can be managed in Windows Group Policies. As with the rest of the similar configurations and that can affect various computers. It is worth keeping in mind that only the administrator of the team, or all of the teams, will be able to make changes to these policies. Not being visible to individual teams.

Remember that Microsoft routinely sends the updates that have no security impact the last week of each month. All these new versions include everything related to bug fixes, as well as new functions, improvements and all kinds of changes, also those that affect aesthetics. However, everything related to security is launched as vulnerabilities are detected and there is no schedule defined in advance.

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