This new WhatsApp function will end the chaos of your groups

WhatsApp groups

WhatsApp groups, whether we like it or not, will change forever. Or, at least, for all those users who were scattered around the messaging app hundreds of groups. Both the ones he used the most and those that had been forgotten. However, from now on, with this feature coming to the app, it will be very different.

We refer specifically to the communities that have already reached WhatsApp. If a little over a month ago we were already warning you that it was being tested, now it has begun to reach some users. And, from the application’s own help service, they explain each of the steps that must be followed to create a community on WhatsApp.

How are communities created?

Keep in mind that this new feature of the app will gradually reach different countries, since WhatsApp clarifies the following: «The whatsapp communities are available in certain countries. They may not be available on yours yet.«. For example, in Spain it is not yet available. Even so, it is good to know each of the steps that we will have to follow to create a community from scratch when we already have this function in the messaging app. To do this, you will have to do the following:

  • Opens WhatsApp.
  • Tap on the more options icon.
  • Select the option new community.

whatsapp group

It will be that simple. We will even have more options such as touching the new Chat icon and then New Community or going directly to the communities tab and add a new one. Up to three different options gives us the instant messaging app to create one from scratch.

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When we have already created it, we will have to put the name, description and profile picture. Just like we do in the classic groups. To add groups or create a new one, we will have to click on the green arrow icon.

The most important thing about WhatsApp Communities

In addition, from the help service they clarify a few doubts that we may have when using this new feature. To begin with, we will have the option to add up to 5,000 members to the community notice group. Keep in mind that 10 new groups can be created, although leaving aside the announcement group, up to 50 more groups can be added.

That notice group will be automatically created for your community once you believe it. So you won’t have to do it yourself. You will only have to take care of establishing who will be the ones who administer your community. Nothing more. And, keep in mind that any member of the community can join the groups.

As we said, this tool not yet available in Spain, but it is most likely that in the coming days or weeks it will land definitively in our country. So we can only wait. Although, it is clear that it is coming to other regions, so it will not take long.

WhatsApp Communities