This new feature from Gboard will allow you to dictate text as soon as the keyboard is opened

gboard hides an undo button on its keyboard this is.webp.webp.webp
gboard hides an undo button on its keyboard this is.webp.webp.webp

Nowadays if you want to dictate a message on Gboard You must first press the microphone icon that appears in the top bar, or change the keyboard directly to Google Voice Typing, but in the future you will have the best of both worlds, if you want.

Google is working on a Seamless voice typing mode, which will make the keyboard hears us as soon as it is opened, without having to press the microphone button. It is optional, so whoever prefers to stay as before will be free to do so.

Gboard dictation, even easier

The Gboard dictation function is somewhat different if you have a Pixel or another Android mobile, but in both cases it is not activated as standard, but rather we need Press the microphone icon so that Gboard listens to us and start transcribing what we say.

In the future this second step will be unnecessary if we have activated Seamless voice typing, which we could translate as something like fluent voice writing. Google describes this novelty with the following text: “start typing by voice automatically when keyboard is displayed“.

VoicetypingScreenshot by @AssembleDebug

This change, which is not yet active, but has been discovered after gutting the APK of the latest beta version of Gboard, will delight those who frequently use voice typing and it will slightly horrify those who don’t, since it implies that Gboard will listen to us every time the keyboard is shown.

In practice, this novelty could be counterproductive if you use your cell phone in places with people talking around youbecause it would make your Gboard writing a real mess, although we will have to wait to try it to know how it works.

If this seems like a terrible idea to you, the good news is that will be optional and with complete certainty that it will not be active as standard, so if you don’t want it, everything will remain the same as it is today.

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