This message from the National Police to renew your DNI is completely real, do not ignore it

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1686326176 171208 1686326280 rrss normal.jpg

Fraud attempts by sending SMS-type messages have become the usual trend for cybercriminals, who have found a very simple way to defraud. From SmartLife we ​​always echo when the alarm is raised in the face of a fraud attempt by smishing. And the truth is that, unfortunately, these types of scam attempts are becoming more common. Telephone advertising fraud has fallen in Spain, but because new and more effective methods are being discovered with which to try to defraud us. Now, it is the National Police itself that has published a message through its official Twitter account, and where it reports just the opposite: if you receive this message, it is completely real and you will have to pay attention to it. This is the message from the National Police that you should not ignore As you will see in the message that the National Police Corps has published, they make it clear that if you receive the message that accompanies their publication, it is completely real. “Do you get fraudulent messages on your mobile? This is real, we are warning you that the electronic #certificates of your #DNI are going to expire,” says the publication of the State Security Force. In addition, the National Police wants to make things easier for us, so it attaches an image where we can see that the sender of the message is “[email protected]”. So if you receive any email from this address, know that it is completely normal and there is no scam attempt involved. As you can imagine, the reason why the National Police Force has issued this statement is because foreign friends do not hesitate to replicate official messages or emails with the intention of deceiving an unsuspecting user, getting their bank access codes and empty the account. But in this case, we see that the message they show is completely legal. So, taking into account that it is to inform that the electronic certificates of your DNI are about to expire, if you receive the message, the best thing you can do is make an appointment at your nearest center to renew the DNI and its certificates. It’s a pity that you have to be reporting this type of message, but unfortunately the scam attempts via SMS do not stop increasing, especially since the leaks of users’ personal data due to data leaks on social networks and other services have become become an all too common tonic. >

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