This is what your mobile phone lacks to be the ideal smartphone

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Mobile phone manufacturers are trying to find a new idea that will make smartphones sell tirelessly again. But what do they need to recover the popularity they enjoyed in the golden days? Perhaps it is something more obvious than you can imagine. What does your phone need to be perfect?

Take your cell phone out of your pocket and take a look at it. What is missing? Of course, we are not going to tell you to imagine something impossible or have a great idea that no one has thought of. What we want is simpler than all that. Think about what you had in a previous mobile phone, but that you no longer have. and value if you miss him so much as it gives us the feeling that you do. Do you want some examples?

replaceable battery

What a time when you opened the back of your cell phone, you took out the battery and changed it on the other hand if it had been damaged. There were also times when a fall of the device caused the battery to end up spinning on the floor or the fall of water to wreak havoc on the terminal. We understand all that. But it is also true that, today, technology has improved a lot and that manufacturers surely found solutions to the problem of the waterproof system.

Inside of an iPhone with the battery visible



Being able to remove and replace the battery would be ideal for all those mobile phones that we have had to send to technical service because this part is in poor condition. Or directly, there are those who have been pushed to buy a new one because the battery problem It was too expensive. The good news is that we may not have to wait too long, since the European Union wants to put pressure on manufacturers and make it mandatory to replace the battery from 2027.

Physical buttons

Nowadays, there are many people who do not miss the physical buttons on their cell phones, but the reason may be that they no longer use the smartphone in the same way as before. That old iPhones that have a physical button are still regularly sold is no surprise. The apple brand has incorporated the Action button in its latest models, but it doesn’t stop being different. And although it is a good idea, other manufacturers are not following the same trend.

Physical button of an Apple iPhone mobile

The physical buttons offer a more direct type of contact with the mobile phone without having to resort to the screen as much. In an emergency situation, having to unlock the phone and then use the screen ends up being very complicated, much more complicated than if we touched a physical button. It is not that we see all the buttons that were in the past being recovered, because it is obvious that there were many and they do not help in the search for stylized mobile phones, but some yes it would be good.

Most original designs

The mobile phone market has matured so much that it has become that mature familiar that was fun in the past, but is now sour. All mobiles They are practically the same. Design routines are followed so similar that there is no type of surprise factor. The following generations of mobile phones that we already know are very similar to the previous ones, which means that the interest in having them in your hands is reduced considerably.

Samsung mobile in a Hello Kitty edition

Furthermore, there is no imagination or inventiveness. Brands are worried about going outside the box and know that if they want to sell well, they need to be traditional. If a new design is established on the market, all manufacturers rush to copy it as soon as possible and so that your cell phones do not stand out. But that leaves us with a sector that is boring, predictable and very unoriginal. Nowadays the only thing that ends up exciting us is discovering what colors the phones are released in and even in that aspect there is little inventiveness. Gone are the times when you could hold a Hello Kitty edition mobile phone in your hands, very long mobile phones, more square ones and any other type of design.

microSD card port

This is the point that, in one way or another, we cannot tolerate. iPhone users will not be affected, but if we speak in general, a smartphone that does not have space for microSD cards It is a small prison. This change has occurred in recent years and has led us to have to embrace the use of the cloud practically mandatory.

microSD memory card for additional storage

Some users are still waiting for the Samsung Galaxy to have space for microSD cards again, but it is obvious that this change that has occurred increasingly globally, will continue forward. The only good news is that, obviously, not all mobile phones have already abandoned the use of microSD cards and there are still many that use them. Although they may suffer from problems, they are still the best option for those looking for maximum privacy, having the files in their hands and, in addition, storing a large number of elements, such as hundreds of photos.

Other missing features

Looking back means seeing what we may not have known we missed. It is also true that many of these elements have disappeared because it was necessary for mobile telephony to continue evolving. But, in some cases, they seem like decisions that were not so mandatory. For example, although we have not mentioned it, we also miss a headphone connection port. Not everyone wants to use wireless headphones, so it would be very welcome.

Woman waits for the bus while using her mobile

Can you think of anything else that has become obsolete and that would make your current phone perfect? Surely there is something you miss.



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