This is what Google’s new Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro are like, their prices, features and everything you need to know

google pixel 8 pro familia.jpg
google pixel 8 pro familia.jpg

Google meets the forecasts and presents the Pixel 8 as two high-caliber smartphones that introduce a wide series of AI functions with the aim of making everyday life easier for users. To make it possible to achieve maximum performance, the company has incorporated the new Google Tensor G3 processor, with which performance increases significantly and exceeds what was seen in the previous generation.

Something that catches your attention first is seeing the design of the Pixel 8, which opts for rounded edges instead of presenting itself with a flat design as had been heard in some rumors. It has dimensions that are a little tighter than those of the Pixel 7 with the intention of making it fit better in the users’ hand and, thus, making it much more comfortable to hold. The screen is also a little smaller, going from 6.3 inches of the previous model to a total of 6.2 inches, although it is not something that will influence the experience. In reality, the image quality provided by its Actua technology and the 42% improvement in brightness compared to the Pixel 7, will make it become one of the most convincing features to users.

It will go on sale from October 12 at an initial price of 799 euros in three colors: Pink, Obsidian and Lichen Green. But, as you can imagine, the Pixel 8 is in good company, given that The Pixel 8 Pro has also been presented. This model is launched exactly the same day, is now available for reservation and will cost starting at 1,099 euros.

Of course, the Pixel 8 Pro model is where all of Google’s muscle and revolution is located so that its users can enjoy the best experience. It has a 6.7-inch Actua HDR screen and has that temperature sensor that was leaked a while ago and that caused so much to talk about. Thanks to its presence you will discover that your life becomes much more easy, since you will have the ability to measure the temperature of any element you point at. Do you want to know if the pan is hot enough yet instead of risking touching it? You’ll just have to point your phone and the temperature sensor will tell you. Imagine applying this to bottle preparation so you know the milk will always be at the correct temperature. It’s very comfortable!

The Pixel 8 Pro camera has also improved and received new features. It must be said that the main sensor is the same as the one that the normal Pixel 8 incorporates, so it is clear that Google wanted to make all its users participate in the best possible technology in this regard. Yes indeed, the Pro model has exclusive features and a wide-angle macro lens. Among other things, you can use the Pro mode in which a range of possibilities opens up to get much more out of your mobile. This is where one of the AI ​​functions in which Google places its trust comes into play. Through the Best Version system, the AI ​​will take care of combining several shots of the same photo with the intention of composing the best possible image. If in one of the snapshots a friend had his eyes closed and in another that you took a second later a different person closed them, the artificial intelligence will take care of combining them and solving it.

In addition, you can also use AI in additional functions such as the Magic Editor, which is available so you can improve or fix your photos in a matter of a few screen taps. Generative AI will give you absolute freedom to modify photographs and each one of them ends up being simply perfect. The same will happen with the Magic Eraser mode, with which you can eliminate background noises in the videos so that your recordings have no problem reaching their maximum quality. A video optimization mode is also in development that will arrive very soon and will provide you with functions never seen before on Google Pixels.

AI will have other functions on mobile. For example, you can use it to give you a summary of the texts you want to read or even to reduce unwanted calls. Furthermore, now you can communicate in a more human way with AI and will understand even when you make a comment like “mmmm”, interpreting it as that you are thinking and need more time before continuing speaking.

To make users even more satisfied when purchasing one of the two new Pixel 8s, Google has announced that software support has increased and, for the first time, will last up to seven years. This guarantees that your investment is much more profitable. Remember that, as we told you before, the Pixel 8 Pro also arrives on October 12. In this case the three available colors will be the following: Porcelain, Obsidian and Light Blue. As a novelty, this generation of Pixel will be much easier to purchase, given that they will be available at Amazon, MediaMarkt, Orange, Google Store and El Corte Inglés.

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