This is what Facebook has planned for its first smartwatch

smartwatch 828786 1280 730x487.jpg
smartwatch 828786 1280 730x487.jpg

Although it is no longer surprising that Facebook may be working on its own smartwatch model, now The Verge has been able to learn about specific aspects of what may be the first model to hit the market, as long as they do not back down on the road. that the trajectory of the social media giant in the hardware segment has been uneven, with its lights and shadows.

In this regard, the aforementioned media has learned that This model would arrive by the summer of 2022, and would have two cameras that users can remove from the aluminum chassis to take their photographs, with a camera oriented to selfies and another 1080p camera to capture the elements that are counted in front of your field of vision.

To increase the experience with the cameras, taking into account that one of the main approaches of the smart watch is that users can share content within Facebook services, the social media company would be reaching an agreement with various manufacturers to develop accessories that allow this camera to be integrated into all kinds of objects.

Another of the main focuses of this model is to carry out sports activities, so it will also include health monitoring functions such as heart rate monitoring.

In addition, on Facebook they propose that their first smart watch model can work independently of mobile phones, so it would also be reaching agreements with some operators so that this model has LTE connectivity.

Regarding the color options, this model would arrive in white, black and gold, and although it has not yet been launched on the market, it is not even in mass production, on Facebook they are also working on subsequent generations of it.

Furthermore, Facebook intends that its first smartwatch model It also serves as a starting point so that users can also purchase the long-awaited Augmented Reality glasses, which he has also been talking about for a long time.

Regarding prices, a cost of about 400 dollars is initially considered, although this figure may change, since it also aims to compete with Apple’s Apple Watch and smart watches under Android’s Wear OS system, despite the fact that the Facebook clock will carry a customized version of Android with which it also tries to bring many experiences through partnerships with other developers.

For now there is nothing official, where in fact the code name of the development of this product is not known. Curiously, a few months ago we learned about some aspects offered through another report.

Until there is official, it is difficult to venture to point out specific characteristics beyond those filtered by anonymous sources, and more for the possible changes that may occur along the way.

Nor can we venture the level of acceptance, especially when Facebook’s reputation for privacy is not in a good place precisely, being the main front that it has open with Apple.