This is Weavit, the “Shazam” of thoughts

weavit app 1 1 1.png
weavit app 1 1 1.png
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A new app called Weavit, currently only available on the App Store, was born with the intention of being the “Shazam of your thoughts” and the digital brain of its users. It is an application designed to offer a kind of quick and easy to use notebook. At the touch of a button, Weavit allows you to collect ideas in writing or through a voice recording, which is then archived in a database along with other related files.

Weavit is an app to collect ideas in writing or by audio, which a software then analyzes and links to contacts, websites and events

Weavit also allows you to relate and link those quick notes with contacts, events, topics and web pages. The idea of ​​this app is to offer a platform that makes it easy to collect and outline ideas, without the need to give them a definitive structure, in order to be able to work on them later. According to its creators, its intention was organize the app of a similar to how the brain works during a creative process.

At first, the Weavit user notes an idea in the app, either in writing or through an audio recording. Said text or audio is archived in the app’s database and is then processed through Natural Language Processing (NLP) software. This technology analyzes the note and establishes relationships with people, places, events and other relevant topics that can help to develop the idea.

In addition to this automatic processing, which makes it easier to work on idea sketches, Weavit also has a manual mode. Even it is possible to use the app in a shared mode, in a kind of group folders. In them, users can tag each other and edit the notes and their connections together. However, the creators acknowledge, this function still needs to be improved.

Otherwise, all thes notes registered in Weavit are encrypted. So is the data collected by the app to ensure user privacy.