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This is Tile’s alternative to electronic object trackers

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Tile, the veteran company specializing in object tracking devices, Just released an alternative to using the object trackers you currently have on the market, thinking of those who wish to have greater control of their personal data, who want to have less dealings with technology, and who wish that their objects cannot be electronically located by others.

And it is that this alternative does not incorporate any electronicsso they do not emit a Bluetooth signal that allows their location by other people who may be near the objects, either because they are lost, or fear misuse of the trackers by third parties.

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In this regard, it is worth remembering that at the beginning of the year, Tile launched Scan and Secure, so that users can know if they were being followed through an object tracker and act accordingly, a function that has been quite successful.

An alternative with its pros and cons

The alternative is the new Lost and Found stickers, which have QR codes printed on them, and which owners of the objects must stick to themas long as they have flat surfaces, and register them later in the Tile mobile app.

In this sense, if a user finds a lost object with a sticker that shows the Tile QR code, it will be enough to scan said code with their mobile device to be able to know the contact information of the owner who has lost it.

At this point, it is interesting to know that Tile will allow the owner to choose the method of contact they want, including the use of an alternative email address to the usual email account, or even an alternative phone number, either from Google Voice, or even from other number providers. secondary, like the new Firefox Relay disposable phone numbers that just arrived, for example.

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However, Tile recommends using these stickers for less important products, that is, important products that are not essential, whose loss could disrupt one’s life.

Tile Lost and Found stickers are priced at $15, incorporating three sheets, with five stickers on each, with each sticker unit worth $1.

Image Credit: Tile

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