This is the year of Apple glasses: discovered code shows that it will be like this

This is the year of Apple glasses: discovered code shows that it will be like this
this is the year of apple glasses: discovered code shows

It is increasingly clear that the Apple augmented reality glasses they are just around the corner. Apart from the indications that the supplies are already being ordered, and that everything is progressing in a proper way (although some delays have occurred). Information also appears that establishes clearer and more evident confirmations. Of the latter there is a new one.

What has been known is that, once again, it has been detected references to realityOS, which will be the operating system used by the glasses we are talking about. And, curiously, the data has appeared within the code that Apple itself has published on GitHub. Of course, the North American firm, upon verifying that the regencies had been detected, has withdrawn it… But there are those who have been left with screenshots in which they can see what we say.


Nice find by @riscv64 Tons of realityOS references from Apple’s latest OSS stuff on GitHub

— Aaron (@aaronp613) March 15, 2023

What has been discovered makes it clear that there will be Apple glasses

We are not talking about the complete code of the operating system, which is yet to be finally seen what it is called, something that will depend a lot on the name of the product itself (everything points to Reality Pro, but nothing is certain). The thing is, there is data showing references to PLATTFORM_WOLF, which is the assumption codename used for writing cross references in other operating systems. An example is Apple’s iOS, since it seems that the iPhone will be able to use this accessory as normal.

On the other hand, it has been indicated that the device we are talking about might not be the only device that Apple is developing for this segment of the market in which it wants to land with a lot of presence, there would be more additional options of which there are not many references -wearables are a possibility-, but we always talk about working with mixed augmented reality, which is the bet that the company led by Tim Cook will make.



Arrival of the glasses… When will it take place?

Well, everything suggests that this will happen at WWDC this year 2023since it is a perfect moment for the presence of the developers, which seems vital so that Apple glasses have a good future in the market. The fact is that there is more and more data and confirmations that, finally, this long-awaited product will see the light of day. And, if so, a very important step would be taken by the firm of the bitten apple to further diversify its range of products.