This is the trick to make Kodi work better than ever

this is the trick to make kodi work better than ever
this is the trick to make kodi work better than ever

If you have noticed that your Kodi media player is worse than before, something that can perfectly happen over time, the good thing is that it has a solution. Among all the tricks that will interest you, the truth is that these will be the ones that will best serve you to improve its performance on your device. It doesn’t matter if you use it on your PC, mobile or Smart TV, you can always speed up Kodi .

Even if you think it’s about clearing the Kodi cache , in this case we are not bringing you that particular trick, but we are going one step further. It is true that deleting the cache from the multimedia center improves its operation, but there are another series of options that often go unnoticed by users.

For this reason, so that you can improve the performance of the program and make it not run so slowly, we will tell you a series of options that you should try in your multimedia player. And it is not a problem related to the Internet connection or clearing the cache, but rather other alternatives that very few take into account when using this application.

Limit the use of add-ons and 4K

If you want to optimize Kodi performance , there are a number of elements you should know. For example, it’s time to remove all the add-ons you don’t use. The more plugins you have installed on the player, the worse its performance will be. So if you notice that it is slower than expected and its performance is not as it was at the beginning, you will have to uninstall the add-ons that you do not use .

And by limiting the use of plugins, the truth is that we will be preventing the application’s performance from being worse. In addition to this, there is also another important point: avoid playing content in 4K . When you want to watch movies or series in this quality, the multimedia center will need greater processing and resources, so if you were already suffering from lag or cuts , it will get even worse.

Initially, removing Kodi add-ons that you no longer use should be more than enough to improve its performance. But, if you still have performance problems, you have to check a particular section.

Check RAM and CPU usage

Although you think that running multimedia content does not involve much, the truth is that it consumes the device’s available RAM or CPU memory . It is possible that you are using more applications than necessary while you have this program running, something that can happen especially on your PC or mobile phone.

Therefore, if your device has more limited features, it is time to check Kodi’s system memory and CPU usage. This way you can know if you have to close other apps open on your device or if the problem is due to another point. You just have to enter the System Information settings section from Settings . That easy. In case they are at their limit, every time you use this player you will not have to use other applications at the same time.


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