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The Apple ecosystem finds in iCloud the concentration of everything that the user saves in this Cloud: contacts, mail, calendar, image and video gallery… Usually accessible from the respective applications from iPhone or iPad but also from the Mac computer. is the website from which users of the Apple environment access the Cloud

However, there is an alternative way to access all this content: typing “” in the browser, which even allows access from computers with Windows or Linux operating systems. Even from an Android mobile device, since it is a web page.

Until now and for years the user interface seemed to have been stuck in the past but that has changed with the complete redesign of its appearance that has just been presented and that makes the experience very similar to managing the home screen of an iPadwith its icons, its widgets and, in general, with the main lines of aesthetics and use.

Widgets have been one of the great advances in recent times for iOS/iPadOS by allowing, for example, to place apps even on the lock screen of Apple mobile devices. A feature, that of these little apps that are more than just an icon, now coming to

New design

In the previous version, simply displayed the icons of the apps that store information in the Apple Cloud (Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Photos, iCloud Drive, Notes, Reminders, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, and Search) on the screen. shortcuts to the corresponding web applications.

Now the home page, in addition to adopting an aesthetic closer to the most recent versions of iPadOS and MacOS, being able to be customized by the user, adds the possibility of converting some of these icons into widgets, such as It happens with iPhones or iPads. The latter device that the result ends up looking more like due to both the size and the orientation of the computer screen.

In this way, the most recent photos added to the image gallery, the last notes written or the upcoming appointments on the calendar can be displayed. Yes indeed, these are not active widgets Rather, to operate with their contents, you will have to click on them to access the corresponding web application, something that, on the other hand, also happens with many widgets in iOS and iPadOS.

For now, the remodeling of does not reach its own accessible web apps, so we will have to wait for future updates to see if these changes, even aesthetic ones, also reach Pages, Numbers or Keynote.

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