This is the reason why the iPhone 14 will not have a USB Type-C port

This is the reason why the iPhone 14 will not have a USB Type-C port

Now that the European Union confirms that the commitment is to offer a single charging port for mobile devices, and this is the usb type cit is possible that many believe that Apple will do just that in the new generation of its mobiles: the iPhone 14. And, the truth, is that everything indicates that it will not be so.

Bearing in mind the moment in which the EU takes this decision, which remains to be seen when compliance is mandatory, it is clear that does not arrive on time so that manufacturers take it into account quickly -taking into account that in many cases it takes a long time to design, buy the components and assemble a device-. And, this is the case of the iPhone 14. Everything will go exactly as planned… and there will be no changes, since it is not possible to assume them now.

We will see what Apple decides in the future, and it should not be ruled out that the model of the North American firm of the year 2023 will be the first with USB type C. But, for the moment, the new generation of smartphones that will be announced this September will maintain the use of lightning connection. And there are reasons that are powerful for this to be so.

The great reason that Apple has for not using USB type C anymore

Well, it is not very complicated to get to the point knowing the Cupertino company. This one is cheap. On the one hand, everything that has to do with the manufacture and integration of Lightning ports is fully optimizedwhich is an insurance when it comes to not incurring excessive manufacturing costs and, in addition, there is the possibility of “squeezing” the suppliers if necessary.

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But what’s more important right now is that anything to do with the Lightning port is a major cash flow for Apple. Without going any further, it has a large number of accessories on the market that are sold a lot and, until the market is mature with USB type C for them, they are not going to lose that source of income. Therefore, the iPhone 14 indicates that they will maintain the connection interface that the firm of the bitten apple has been integrating for some time. But, yes, the jump will have to be made sooner or later… but, for that, there is still time.

Headphones connected to an iPhone

Improvements in the Lightning of the iPhone 14

So that there are not many complaints from users regarding the options offered by the cable connection of the new smartphones, there will be a technical evolution. An example is that they will be offered typical connection speeds in USB 3.0, so there will be an important qualitative leap here -because the quality of use of many accessories will be increased-. Thus, for example, you can take advantage of ProRes video quality.

In addition, there will also be improvements in the stability of connections and power transfer, so it is possible that the iPhone 14 will arrive with a increase in fast charging speed which, for a long time, is something that the users of their phones demand. Crucial advances waiting to make the leap to USB type C, of ​​course.