This is the realme C55 with Android Mini Capsule


The world of mobile technology is constantly evolving and there are more and more options available to us. In this sense, the realme smartphone brand has stood out in recent years for offering devices with high-end features at affordable prices, which has made them an interesting option for those users looking for the best value for money.

On this occasion, realme presents the new realme C55, a device that incorporates four pioneering improvements in its segment (entry range) in terms of camera, storage, charging and design, and that stands out for offering a complete experience and satisfying the various needs of the users. In this article, we are going to delve into the characteristics of this new smartphone and what it represents for the brand.

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A quality leap in the realme C series

The realme C series has been one of the fundamental pillars of the brand, and on this occasion, realme has decided to take a leap in quality and democratize the characteristics of a flagship for the first time. As Francis Wong, CEO of realme Europe, has pointed out, in statements collected by the brand’s official statement, “the C series focuses on photography, storage, fast charging and the design of four main specifications to create the most segment competitive. We are going all out to bring the most affordable products and make technology more accessible to European users.”

Four first improvements in its segment

As we have mentioned, the realme C55 incorporates four pioneering improvements in its segment in terms of camera, storage, charging and design. Let’s go deeper into each of them.

Camera: the only 64MP in the segment

The realme C55 offers the only 64MP camera in the segment, along with an 8MP selfie camera and a 2MP B&W lens. The device incorporates an OV64B sensor with a 0.7 um pixel size and 1/2″ optical format, the same sensor used in the realme GT Master Edition. Compared to its predecessor C35, realme C55 features a 54% increase in sensor size and a 53.8% improvement in clarity and resolution.

In addition, the realme C55 features innovative image modes and filters for a better camera experience, and ProLight imaging technology effectively improves resolution and significantly optimizes glare suppression ability, preserving more details in low-light conditions.

Storage: up to 256GB of ROM and 16GB of dynamic RAM

The realme C55 features up to 16GB of dynamic RAM and 256GB of ROM, which is now the largest storage in the segment, and supports up to 1TB of memory expansion for long-lasting user experience. With advanced DRE technology, the realme C55 expands up to 8GB of RAM, offering more fluidity.

Charging: the fastest in the input range

Understanding the needs of users, the C55 improves battery performance with 33W SUPERVOOC charging, the fastest in the segment, which can charge to 100% in just 63 minutes. Compared with its predecessor C35, with 18W charging, realme C55 significantly increases the charging speed with a large 5000mAh battery.

Design: inspired by natural elements

As for the design, the realme C55 has a design inspired by natural elements, and is available in two colors: Rainy Night and Sunshower. There are 500,000 light particles that form vertical microscopic lines imitating the lines of rain. This device also features a segment-thinnest 7.89mm body and right-angled bezel, allowing for a comfortable grip and in-hand feel. In addition, it has a 6.72-inch full screen with FHD + resolution and a 90 Hz refresh rate, which translates into a more comfortable visual experience.

Mini Android Capsule

Finally, the realme C55 makes a bold step forward by introducing the first Android Mini Capsule, which can intelligently adapt to the screen and can wrap around the camera cutout. Its dynamic light can display various colors depending on battery status, and users can receive notifications for daily convenience.

That is to say…

In summary, the realme C55 is a device that represents a quality leap in the realme C series, offering segment-leading features in terms of camera, storage, charging and design. In addition, the device has an affordable price, which makes it an interesting option for those users who are looking for the best value for money.

But the realme C55 also represents something else. This device exudes a fresh but winning spirit, a mindset that seems to run through the entire realme brand. Rather than trying to compete directly with other brands’ flagships, realme focuses on offering the best of technology at affordable prices, which has enabled them to become the fastest growing smartphone brand in the world.

In an increasingly saturated market, brands like realme are a breath of fresh air, proving that there is still room for innovation and competition in the world of mobile technology.