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This is the official arrival date of the Samsung Galaxy S23, and so you can see it

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official-arrival-date-of-the-Samsung-galaxy.jpg" width="980" height="565" alt="This is the official arrival date of the Samsung Galaxy S23, and so you can see it">

This information had been leaked, but now Samsung has decided to make it official. We talk about the date in which your new range of high-end phone will be official. We won’t have to wait long, and the way in which the Asian firm works is maintained: in just one month all the terminals that will make it up will be official.

Specifically, the day chosen for the new Samsung Galaxy S23 to become a reality is the following: the February 1st (A Wednesday, an excellent day to show news to users). The specific time is 19:00 in Spain, and again the Mobile World Congress is not used to announce a device looking for in this way that absolutely nothing overshadows the announcement we are talking about. Thus, the usual countdown has begun.

What is expected in the presentation of Samsung

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With the mention of knowing the epic in the company’s statement, everything indicates that they will be three models to be announced: Samsung Galaxy S23; W23+; and, of course, the powerful and differential S23 Ultra. There will be some important news, such as that the storage will start at 256GB, something that is positive for users, and in what has to do with hardware, it should be noted that the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor to be integrated will be the one used across Europeso the firm’s way of working is varied to date.

Presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S23

Apart from this, it is expected that options that are basic right now in the high range will be offered, such as satellite connectivity or an advance in the photography section (be careful with the camera that could include the Ultra model which would have as a prominent element a 200MP main sensor… something that would make it unique in the market for now). Obviously, the operating system will be Android 13, with Samsung’s One UI customization.

How to watch the presentation anywhere

There are no secrets here, since the Korean firm will use the online media that are already common in its presentations. Thus, for example, you can use the company’s YouTube channel or the global website where the presentation can also be followed live in the news section. One final detail that is important: for the first time since the COVID pandemic, there will be live assistance… which means that it goes back in a certain way to the traditional way of working.


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