This is the Nokia Streaming Box 8000: 4K player with Android TV

This is the Nokia Streaming Box 8000: 4K player with Android TV
This Is The Nokia Streaming Box 8000: 4k Player With

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Little by little we are learning more information about the landing of Nokia in the market of Smart tv. The manufacturer has partnered with the company StreamView to launch Smart TV in Europe, starting with Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and later other countries such as Spain, where they will use the Nokia name. In those countries it will also launch Streaming Devices in collaboration with another company, which are multimedia players to make any TV smart, and now more has been leaked about the first of these devices.

Called Nokia Streaming Box 8000, East Android 4K player has been leaked by the website, including its appearance, connectivity, price and release date. On a physical level, we find a player that looks similar to other Chinese players on the market. At the top it has the Nokia logo. On one side we have a USB A port, while the rear has a power connector, an Ethernet port, an HDMI, an AV output, an optical output and a USB C connector.

4K Android TV Player with Amlogic S905X3

Inside we will find a processor Amlogic S905X3 with Android TV 10 as an operating system, so it seems that Google tv It will be expected, although it does meet the requirements for watching 4K movies. It has WiFi 5, Bluetooth 4.2, and HDMI 2.0 connectivity up to 4K at 60 Hz. It is not known if it will be compatible with HDR or Dolby Atmos sound, but the processor is compatible with both so they should be present.

The remote is also quite complete, including a multitude of buttons to control content, navigation buttons, and dedicated buttons for YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Google Play Store. Disney + will also be pre-installed on the device, but will not have a dedicated button. It is not known if the buttons will be able to be reassigned in the future, but most likely not, as the streaming platforms They pay manufacturers money to have a dedicated button on the controls. Of course, it will be a perfect IPTV deco.

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The manufacturer of these devices will be the company SEI Robotic, a Chinese OEM manufacturer specializing in hybrid and OTT Android players, HDMI dongles and smart speakers. The manufacturing order will be carried out by Streamview, which will in turn market the devices under the Nokia name.

It is one of the few that can stream Netflix in 4K

Although it seems that this is one of the many Android multimedia players that we can find on the market, if we analyze which ones are capable of playing Netflix in 4K or even in Full HD, we find that very few are capable of do what. The streaming platform certifies very few devices beyond televisions and mobiles, and currently we only find three that we can easily buy: the Xiaomi Mi TV Box S, the Engel EN1015K and the Chromecast with Google TV. With this, we can enjoy the best Smart TV on televisions that do not have Android TV as standard, but rather more limited systems such as those used by Saphi (Philips) or Vidaa (Hisense).

Therefore, the arrival of a new device of this style on the market is welcome so that there is more competition, although its price will not be low. Its launch will take place in the next few weeks before Christmas, at a price of 100 euros.