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This is the new vehicle proposed to walk on the Moon

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As I told you before, there are several projects that are being put on the table to decide what the next vehicle that will circulate on the moon will be like, and now they have published what you see in the image above, a mix between a centaur and a robot.

It has two claw-like arms and two cameras instead of eyes, quite unlike any other known probe.

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Its name is robot R1, and it has been manufactured by GITAI in collaboration with JAXA (Japan’s space agency). It has already passed the tests of driving over rough terrain on its four wheels, as well as manipulating parts with its hands and assembling the foundation structure for a solar panel.

It is not the first GITAI robot, it already has experience in the sector, and they are convinced that their technology can make it reach the moon in this same decade.

The objective of all the proposed robots is that they can collect samples of lunar rocks, and in this case it has been achieved using a small spoon and a transparent jar.

There are robots similar to this already walking through space. The one on the International Space Station has robotic arms, and NASA has also deployed several robotic rovers to Mars, though none with such a curious look.

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Both China, Russia and the US compete to establish a permanent lunar base, and creating a robot that moves around there normally is essential for the success of any mission.

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