This is the new Movistar router for those who do not have fiber and are going to be left without ADSL

this is the new movistar router for those who do not have fiber and are going to be left without adsl
this is the new movistar router for those who do not have fiber and are going to be left without adsl

The end of ADSL has made Movistar bet now more than ever on alternatives to its fiber optics. Hence, think about a new router for the Movistar Internet Radio rate, one of the options that the Spanish operator markets as an alternative for those who cannot enjoy FTTH. So far, you can have 3G/4G at home with up to 20 Mbps speed. However, this may change soon.

Although many have been able to switch from ADSL to fiber, the reality is that the operator’s coverage is not available in all corners of Spain. For this reason, the operator, instead of activating 3G/4G fixed radio access, has activated its 5G Internet Radio plan . A rate that does not appear on their website, but that is in operation and that comes with a new router that not everyone knows about.

What is the Movistar 5G router like?

It must be taken into account that, for a few years, some of the operator’s clients were already able to enjoy 5G Internet Radio. However, until now it has not been when the blue operator has had to fully commit to this alternative in the face of the end of ADSL. Especially when it has been seen that many customers still cannot enjoy fiber optics in their homes.

One of the most important aspects of this 5G fixed radio access rate is that you can achieve up to 1 Gbps speed and 280 Mbps upload. In addition, it also offers a landline with calls. In this case, the price is €41.90 compared to €31.90 for Internet Radio 3G/4G from Movistar.


And, how could it be otherwise, the router is different. For this plan, the operator has a 5G router. The model is the MitraStar IGW-1121GX4X4-M . For example, this router is used by O2 Telefónica in other countries such as Germany, where the use of fiber optics is not as widespread as is the case in our country.

This router model has a MediaTek MT6890 SoC. Keep in mind that it can also work in 4G, and not only 5G. This is because your modem is category 19 in bands b1, b3, b7, b8, b20, b28, and already in 5G , in SA mode in bands n3, n28 and n78. In addition, this 5G router has a dual-band WiFi 6, with 4 antennas in each one, as well as being accompanied by 4×4 MIMO technology for the low and medium bands, along with another 4 MIMO antennas dedicated to the band. n78. It supports a maximum speed of about 3.5 Gbps for all connected devices, about 2.4 Gbps in WiFi 5 GHz and 1.1 Gbps in WiFi 2.4 GHz. And it also has 2 RJ45 Ethernet ports.

In this way, Movistar joins the select group of operators with 5G rates for the home . Vodafone was the first operator to provide an option with this feature, followed by Orange, which also launched its 5G version to improve the 4G service it already offered to its customers. In addition, they are not the only operators that market 5G routers to provide Internet connection and be one of the best alternatives to fiber.

What is clear is that 5G is the alternative to ADSL for those areas where fiber has not reached and it is very possible that it will never end up arriving. To this mobile technology we have to add satellite connections in low orbit, such as Starlink, which will also serve to close the gap between large cities and urban areas.

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