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This is the new Maintenance Mode of your Samsung mobile

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Among the newest tools for Samsung Galaxy, undoubtedly one of the most interesting (and least known) is the so-called Maintenance Mode.

This tool, announced with One UI 5 customization layeris designed to shield all the information on the mobile and thus prevent them from being able to access it in the event that the mobile is sent to a technical service.

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Initially, this tool was available for the territory of South Korea in its pilot program, and then in China for its official launch, but the time has finally come when Samsung announces maintenance mode expansion in various regions of the world.

Meet Samsung’s new Maintenance Mode

Well, according to Samsung, this Maintenance Mode basically works as if it were a separate user account generated only to be sent exclusively to the repair technician. In fact, technicians will be able to access all the main and necessary functions of the mobile so that the failure is resolvedbut not to the personal information of the user, be it the gallery, messaging apps and social networks, contacts, etc.

It is also true that having Maintenance Mode activated, technicians will be able to download applications from the Galaxy Store and create accounts of any kind. Nevertheless, all this will be deleted automatically once said mode is deactivated.

Also, the owner of the mobile is the only person capable of exiting this wayand a notification will always be present in the notification bar so that the owner, by putting his fingerprint on the mobile sensor, can enable exit from Maintenance Mode and thus the terminal can return to normal.

Steps to activate Maintenance Mode on your Samsung mobile

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– Access the app Settings on your Samsung mobile.
– Go to the tab Battery and device care.
– Click on the option Maintenance mode.
– Press on Light.

As we told you at the beginning, the Maintenance Mode will gradually be present in some selected mobile models with One UI 5, especially in 2023, which will be when it reaches more Galaxy models.

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