This is the new HD channel that Movistar is about to add to the grid

this is the new hd channel that movistar is about to add to the grid
this is the new hd channel that movistar is about to add to the grid

Although the exact dial and when it will be definitively incorporated are still unknown, Movistar Plus+ has been testing for some time before definitively adding it to the grid. Now, it has intensified them, with a dedicated 24-hour linear. We tell you all the details.

Movistar Plus+ has different channels at its disposal on its dial that have a clear mission: carrying out all types of content broadcast tests prior to the definitive incorporation of new proposals for its consumers on the grid. In this way, it carries out all the necessary tests to ensure that the user experience it offers to its customers lives up to the expectations placed on the blue operator.

Among all of them, we find dial 601, which belongs to the Test 1 channel and, during the last few weeks, has been offering content from the AMC Break channel uninterruptedly. However, without any type of official communication from the company, there has been an important change in its programming that has allowed its users to enjoy a new channel that would be close to being incorporated permanently.

Two channels sharing broadcast

Since last February 14, all channels that broadcast in a quality lower than HD were forced to disappear from DTT. A scenario that caused the Catalan Audiovisual Media Corporation to have dedicated the last few weeks to doing all kinds of tests on its channels, which have included, among others, channel SX3 and channel 33, as well as the Esport3 sports channel, or 3/24 news. However, the SX3 and 33 had their broadcast limited to a series of shared time slots.

From 6 in the morning until 10:00 p.m., SX3 broadcast one of the DTT frequencies in Catalonia. While the rest of the day is reserved for Channel 33. However, since yesterday night, there has been an important change in this regard that is already visible on our grids if we have a compatible decoder for viewing said dial. .

Channel 33 is incorporated

Since 9:55 p.m. yesterday, channel 33 has started broadcasting 24 hours in HD through the website and Movistar Plus+, having a complete lineup exclusively for it. In addition, it will maintain the broadcast as it was currently, sharing it between channel SX3 and Channel 33 on DTT.

This will be the channel that concentrates the broadcast of the Test 1 dial. Although, as we have already anticipated, the dial it will occupy and the moment in which it will be permanently incorporated is unknown, we are faced with the latest incorporation of Movistar Plus+ that will affect both users in Catalonia and subscribers of the blue operator.

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