This is the new DJI smart stabilizer for mobile


DJI, the well-known manufacturer of drones, is also in the segment of devices for the stabilization of photos and videos on smartphones, now presenting the most recent novelty in this segment: the new Osmo Mobile 6.

The company highlights that, in addition to being compact, to the point that it can also be carried in a pocket, and easily foldable, it is also a intelligent 3-axis gimbal for smartphones that offers a multitude of creative functions, which users can take advantage of in combination with DJI Mimoyour companion app for recording, editing and broadcasting through social channels.

Making it easy to stabilize photos and videos, and more

Osmo Mobile 6 differs from previous models by housing a new status panel, allowing users to switch between the four modes from its M button to know the battery level, system status, and more, as well as the new side wheel with which to focus and zoom to the desired object.

But it stands out above all for the quick start function, available only in combination with an already paired iPhone mobile, which allows you to generate a push notification that makes it easy to quickly start the DJI Mimo app.

The DJI Mimo application has, in addition to the functions described, tutorials and guides with which anyone, even those who have started for the first time, can start making their videos. In this sense, the ShotGuides function will detect the scene to recommend a shooting sequence and a tutorial to carry it out.

In addition to the DJI Mimo app, users They can also use LightCut, the mobile application that, with the help of Artificial Intelligence, users can edit their videos with a few simple touches.

On the other hand, users will be able to buy accessories separately, such as lights, microphones and more, to complement the features of this new device that now hits the market from 169 euros.

Although mobile phones add cameras with increasingly better quality and features, mobile stabilizers offer many more possibilities to obtain photos and video sequences of the most interesting moments of users.

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