This is the new design of WhatsApp for Windows 11

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recuperar contactos borrados en whatsapp.jpg
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The next update of the native WhatsApp app for Windows It will be accompanied by a notable change in appearance that will be familiar in its result for those who have Windows 11 installed on their computers.

The WhatsApp user interface is adapting to the style of the new Windows 11

Microsoft has brought a completely revamped design language with the latest version of its desktop and laptop operating system, Windows 11, and that aesthetic is going to permeate other apps like WhatsApp.

This similarity is due to the fact that the development team of WhatsApp will use WinUI 2.6, the user interface library that will allow you to apply the graphic and visual content already present in Windows 11. Until now, WhatsApp used UWP, the Universal Windows Platform, which is not yet adapted to Windows 11.

whatsapp windows 11

But when you start using WinUI 2.6, you will already have the entire catalog of buttons, icons, colors, shading, and rounded corners so typical of Fluent Design, the style that characterizes Windows 11. In this way, WhatsApp will be completely integrated into the aesthetics of Windows 11, offering the native application an experience that is as fluid as it is consistent and integrated with the operating system itself.

At the moment the new update of the native WhatsApp app for the Microsoft operating system It is only available in the Windows Store in its beta version, downloadable for both Windows 10 and Windows 11. It should be remembered that like all beta versions of the applications, it may contain errors and lead to certain malfunctions, pending the launch of the final version, whose release date has not yet been announced by Microsoft.

The version for Windows 11 includes the possibility of accessing some of the most common functions in the messaging app, such as the improved multi-device mode and the possibility of making both calls and video calls.