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This is the most intelligent and advanced security system of eufy Security

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eufy Security, the security devices division of Anker Innovations, has just introduced its new security system called eufy Edge Security Systemhighlighting HomeBase 3 as the intelligent center of the system, which It has artificial intelligence and machine learning features that mean that, once the images are received wirelessly through any of the compatible cameras that are linked, it is capable of recognizing people and human figures, and can separate them from the movements they may generate. the animals or objects available in the field of vision

Within the detection of people, it also makes use of the facial recognition that allows you to be able to recognize with a fairly high level of precision if they are people you know or not, their poses and behaviors, among other aspects.

People recognition and automatic video clip classification

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And even If they are known people, it will be able to recognize if they are relatives, friends, and even frequent visitors, and with this assign names and relationships to perform the classifications automatically, sending personalized mobile notifications.

It is, as we see, the most intelligent home security system launched to date by eufy Security. And it is that HomeBase 3 has its own automatic learning technology called BionicMind, which avoids the need to send the video clips to an external server or cloud-based system, processing all the information internally, and therefore You will also not be subject to any subscription services.

HomeBase 3 features 16 GB of encrypted storage with 256-bit encryption and supports storage capacity expansion up to 16 TB via hard drive to save, as they point out, up to 60 years of video in local format without the need to save old video clips.

Edge Security System is compatible with both eufyCam 3C and new eufyCam 3 cameras, also recently presented, pointing out that they are the most advanced wireless security cameras thanks to the fact that it has video recording in UHD 4K, has color and infrared night vision, integrates LED focus, supports two-way audio, and is powered through a battery of up to 1 year of life capable of recharging through the integrated solar panel.

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By firmware update, older models of eufyCam or Video Doorbell may also become compatible. with eufy’s Edge Security System.

The company has launched different kits on the market, being officially on sale via Amazon, where the first kit consists of the HomeBase 3 device and two eufyCam 3 cameras at a price of 549 euros, although there is a second kit that bets on having two cameras eufyCam 3C and comes at a price of 519 euros, and those who want additional camera units, each eufyCam 3 camera is priced at 199.99 euros.

Image Credit: eufy Security

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