This is the minimum RAM memory that Windows will require for its new functions

telegram is becoming more popular among mass media, pushing television and internet sites into the background
telegram is becoming more popular among mass media, pushing television and internet sites into the background


If you are thinking about embracing the new features that Windows will include in the near future, you should take into account the information we are talking about. Because it has already been stipulated What is the RAM memory you will need? and it is very possible that thousands of users will have problems.



Lately everything related to Windows changes has been dramatic. The end of life of Windows 10 dotted with controversy and What’s new in Windows 11 with AI, they are giving a lot to talk about. Now we add another small headache: the minimum RAM memory that you will have to have on your computer to be able to benefit from what is coming to Windows.

With 8GB you won’t have enough

This is what we tell you, forcefully. According to the latest report published here by TrendForce, 8GB RAM as standard for take advantage of Windows In its fullness, it will pass on to a better life. Instead, you’ll need 16GB, double that.


That is the base amount of RAM that is established to use the new AI functions that we have already mentioned on other occasions that are becoming the new Windows identity. Running Copilot and using most of its tools will therefore require your computer to have 16 GB. But the problem is that there are many users, many in fact, whose computers have 8GB. And, until now, with 8GB they had not had any problems.

What does this all mean?

The first question you will be asking yourself will be whether you will be able to continue using Windows 11 with 8GB of RAM. And don’t worry, because yes, there is no problem. We are not saying that Microsoft intends to introduce a minimum RAM memory of 16GB to be able to move your operating system. That would be crazy and, although it is something that we do not see as being so strange that it could occur, today it is unlikely. If you have 8GB of RAM you can continue using your computer as you have done until now. However, what you won’t be able to use is Copilot or any of the other AI functions that will be added in the coming months.


You may think “I don’t care, because I’m not interested either.” And, given what we have seen, we are not surprised that you think that way. In that case, the RAM conflict it shouldn’t affect you, at least not too much. It remains to be seen how Windows reacts once the full load of AI options are available. If Microsoft focuses the user experience around it, you may experience performance issues even if you’re not actively using AI. This is, however, a hypothesis, since for now it is too early to know.

On the other hand, we also take into account that Copilot is not yet available in our country and, therefore, all this would be far away from us. But don’t forget that Microsoft’s plan is make your AI reach full soon to Europe and, as has already been said before, it is not that artificial intelligence is not in our Windows, but that it is inaccessible. Therefore, we should not pop the champagne too quickly and it would be better to see how things related to RAM go.

Some experts say that, however, this may be a good excuse to make the jump to 16GB of RAM and thus enjoy better performance. It cannot be said that they are not right, but the problem is that not all computers, such as laptops, provide the ability to install more RAM in a comfortable way. Therefore, in those cases the only option would be to resort to purchasing another PC. And it’s not something we want to think about either. These specialists do remember that a 16GB RAM memory, It is ideal for gaming, since 8GB is already very short. And we must not forget that 32GB is not that far away either and will end up being a trend.


Therefore, there is a lot to think and analyze. If your computer already has 16GB of RAM, take a deep breath and stay calm because you have nothing to fear. But it is true that, as we said, 8GB of RAM is too standardized for thousands of people not to have to make a decision.



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