This is the house of Steve Jobs and the 3 features that were embodied in the Apple Park

Steve Jobs house. (photo: The Newspaper)

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak’s first invention was the Apple-1. In 1976 future entrepreneurs would approach Paul Terrell, the owner of The Byte Shop, a store specializing in selling the computer kits that were popular at the time.

The purpose of the founders of Apple was to sell their first computer, and boy did they succeed: Terrell not only agreed, but also decided to buy 50 fully assembled machines.

And it is that, the business journey of Jobs has been wrapped in the mantle of myth. Since his origin, he has been considered a hero in the middle of the desert. The legend took shape from the moment his career began in the home garage. But, what is actually known about this place? Today TechSmart will talk about this.

What was the house Steve Jobs grew up in like?

It was built in 1952 and today it is still inhabited by his family. Her adoptive mother spends her days there. Specifically, she is in the 2066 Christ Dr. Los Altos, California.

An easy place to identify because every day it attracts the prying eyes of curious people who want to know where Apple was born. Something that the owner of it does not finish convincing him, by the way.

From the outside it looks quite large, but appearances are deceiving. Just one height the land it occupies is not so extensive and inside there are only three rooms and two rooms bathroom

Steve Jobs house.  (photo: Applesfera/David Bernal Raspall)
Steve Jobs house. (photo: Applesfera/David Bernal Raspall)

Surely the house seems familiar to anyone, since hIt has been recreated in dozens of films and documentaries. After all, Steve Jobs is a figure that everyone wanted to know, a person that many have sought to learn from.

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However, the most special part of this construction is its garage. There the legend of the company of the bitten apple is forged. It was inside where Steve Jobs Y Steve Wozniack they designed what would eventually become the company’s first product: the Apple I. A personal computer.

And this personal computer may sound commonplace now, but at the time it wasn’t. Computers were used only in the business environment and it seemed absurd to have one at home. And yes, it can be said that they changed the world.

Steve Jobs house.  (photo: Applesfera/David Bernal Raspall)
Steve Jobs house. (photo: Applesfera/David Bernal Raspall)

The 3 styles of Steve Jobs’s house that were reflected in Apple Park

A almost circular house, surrounded by nature and protected from the outside world, with a central courtyard that connects all spaces and is the center of activity, they are definitely the 3 starting points that Apple’s headquarters had in Cupertino in the United States.

And it really has always been said that the house is the true reflection of its owner. In that sense, witnessing the house of Steve Jobs seeing the photos that are on the internet can lead to relate it to Apple Park.

Steve Jobs house.  (photo: Applesfera/David Bernal Raspall)
Steve Jobs house. (photo: Applesfera/David Bernal Raspall)

Steve Jobs’ house is listed as a historic resource

It was thus designated by an American commission in 2013. The justification was based on the fact that in its Significant events had occurred inside. And in that Steve Jobs is a genius who mixed technology and creativity to invent and sell a product that would dramatically influence many industries.

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This has had repercussions in the form of advantages for the protagonist’s mother, as mentioned above. After all, she has benefited from a tax reduction given the value of the property. Her son, making her a proud mother even from the other world.