This is the free application that will help you discover the origin of your surname

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There is a recent and free app that allows you to discover the origin of your last name and how many people you share it with. Find out how it works.

Knowing the origin of our surname is something that is always interesting to us, since thanks to this we can learn more about where we come from. In this sense, we can use different services and documents, but this time we are going to talk to you about the only application that allows you to discover the origin of your surname for free.

In this way, through your mobile device you will have the possibility of delving deeply into your family tree and your family roots to learn more about your family. This is the FamilySearch app, one of the tools most chosen by users to learn about their previous generations and enrich themselves with knowledge about their family and ancestors.

Behind this software is a non-profit organization that belongs to the Church of Latter-day Saints, the main Christian denomination belonging to the movement of the same name, also known as Mormonism and which was founded in the United States. In addition, they are responsible for offering a service for mobile devices and in-person care in the “family history centers”, as well as a website with functions similar to the application that can be downloaded directly from stores. Google (Play Store) and Apple (App Store) applications.

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Although the creators of the application are a religious group, it must be taken into account that Family Search works with millions of users from all over the planet, offering free resources for all people regardless of their culture, traditions or their own religious affiliation.

Family Search has more than 5,000 family history centers spread across a total of 238 countries around the world, being an organization that has been operating for more than a century and has data from all over the planet, always with confidentiality and security in the processed data.

Through the Family Search application we find two main searches that can be carried out, one that focuses on searching for links based on a name, that is, the history that a person has; and on the other, the complete genealogy of any person.

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In order to find a person’s personal stories and connections, you must access the application, then go to the “Search” option, where you must place your name in the “First Names” section, and the last name in “Surnames.” Subsequently, you must select the name of the country in the “Location” section, and finally click on the “Search” button to obtain the results.

If you want to know personal or family data or information about your genealogy, you must start by accessing its website or application, going to the “Search” tab and selecting “Genealogies”. In this place you will have to enter your name and surname in the “First names” and “Surnames” sections, respectively, and then, in “Search by event”, select the locations of known events.

Once you have clicked on the event, you can indicate data related to the birth, marriage, residence (where you lived), death…, and finally click on the “Search” option to see the results.

Knowing the genealogy of a surname can have different purposes, purposes and benefits, among which we have to highlight the following:

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