This is the fastest way to silence a contact that annoys you on WhatsApp

Surely, at some point, it has happened to you that a WhatsApp contact has been constantly hammering you with messages for a while. This usually ends in one way: it ends up being silenced. To date, doing this meant going through a few steps in the application, something that has changed thanks to one of its latest updates. We tell you how to take advantage of the new function that makes things much easier. Aware in the development of the company owned by Meta that things had to be made much easier for users when it comes to silencing a contact that keeps bothering them. For this reason, they launched an option that allows you to do this directly from the notifications (something that, for example, cannot be achieved in Telegram, one of its biggest competitors). The fact is that this makes things much easier. This is how you silence a contact in WhatsApp from a notification Now, when receiving a notification in the application on a phone, a card is displayed, and in it to date what was seen as options were to respond and, also, to dial the message as read. The truth is that there was plenty of space left over, and WhatsApp has taken advantage of it to include a third possibility that is none other than to silence the contact (or group) in question. Therefore, if you decide so, to which the card is displayed, you can click on the option we are talking about and, then, you go directly to the application. There appear the options that are offered so that you do not receive anything from the contact. They are sticking to the periods of time in which nothing will be known about what he commands. They are as follows: eight hours; one week; and, if desired, there is even a Always safe that applies to those who are especially annoying. The times that you can silence someone Once you have chosen what you want to do, simply click on the OK option at the bottom of the window. And, once this is done, everything takes effect and you will get rid of being bothered by a contact that does not stop bombarding you with things that, in many cases, may not be important. Obviously, there is the possibility of removing the mute contact by using the WhatsApp application, so it is not something that cannot be removed from the notification. An excellent option is the one included by the messaging application that avoids surprises in the event that you do not have the Do Not Disturb option activated on your phone. >