This is the fashionable toy to relax and it costs less than 1 euro


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Over time, many toys have become fashionable to relax and relieve stress. Recently, it was spinners. Those gadgets that rotated with the touch of a finger and that were fashionable for a long time. There are also classic ones like anti-stress balls or some more elaborate ones like the button cube. Now the playable version of the famous Pop It has arrived. It was everywhere in its most basic form but now it has gone one step further and the electronic Pop It is the fashionable toy.

Pop It or Popi is a toy in which you have to crush buttons as if they were bubble wrap. In different shapes and colors, we have spent hours crushing these bubbles to entertain ourselves for a while without thinking and in recent years it has become popular, reaching schools everywhere and making it so that children always have one in their hands. It has been used to improve math, to play or to relax. But a new version has arrived. An improved version of the toy. The new fashion consists of the same format, only this time, electronically and with lights that will tell us which buttons we should press.

What is it for?

Although it has become popular as a toy for children with which they can test your speed and be entertained anywhere with a very very cheap gadget, it has other very interesting uses such as reduce stress. As happened at the time with the fidget cube, a small format that allowed us to relax, the electronic Pop It also allows any adult to curb their stress or anxiety by spending a few minutes on it.

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fidget spinner

Designs and models

There are many different models that we can find and all of them are similar, the design changes. They all have a series of plastic buttons that we can crush to one side and the other in the central part of the gadget or toy. The difference between one pop it and another is in the exterior design, the colors or the format…

Electronic Pop-It

The simplest ones are with colors but there are others that have different drawings or well-known dolls. We can find them with a unicorn on the top, a frog or popular drawings such as Pokémon, video game characters such as Super Mario Bros, etc.

How does it work?

The mechanism is the same as always but in electronic format and with different game modes depending on which one you buy, although all of them are practically identical. We may use a memory mode where we will have to press the “balls” that light up repeating a frequency like classic games like Simon Says. But there are other game modes in which we must crush all the lit bubbles before time runs out.

They have sound and lights and many of them have controls for multiplayer gaming, but it will depend on the model you choose that includes some functions or others, although they are all similar and very easy to use. In addition, they usually run on batteries and we will not have to worry about changing them for months of use and they are completely safe for children.

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How to buy

We can find them in many different online stores and choosing one or the other will depend on how much you want to spend. On AliExpress we can find models for less than a euro but we also find some less affordable ones with fast delivery and all kinds of electronic Pop It in other online stores such as Miravia, where there is a wide catalog of animated character designs and we will even find some Frozen models , Disney princesses or Pokémon.

VITOOC Bubble Game

VITOOC Bubble Game

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Also on Amazon, if you want to have yours now, we can find many options to choose from for this fashionable toy.

Or on Aliexpress if you want to find this anti-stress toy for less than a euro.

Pushit Pro Electronic Pushing Game for Kids and Adults

Pushit Pro Electronic Pushing Game for Kids and Adults

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