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This is the easiest way to save battery on your iPhone with iOS 16

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Achieve the best possible autonomy in the iphone It is something that all users look for. And, perhaps, since the arrival of iOS 16, you have noticed that the time that you can use the Apple phone is less than usual. Well, you know that you are not the only one that happens to this, and there is an explanation for it: the use of the haptic keyboard. We tell you why this happens and how to fix it.

This new option of the Apple operating system allows you to have a clearer feeling of what you are doing, with a response that feels and that, for example, allows knowing that the keystrokes are correct- and having a feeling that everything is going as it should-. But, there is a dark side to this: the needs that the terminal has to do this are greater… so impacts on the autonomy of the iPhone. And, by the way, the Cupertino company has already warned him, so he should not surprise anyone. The fact is that there is a very simple solution.

This is how you save your iPhone battery thanks to the keyboard

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What you have to do is plain and simple disable this feature, something that can be achieved easily and safely, since Apple has thought of this option on the iPhone. Therefore, you do not do anything strange that requires advanced knowledge, much less jeopardize the operating system you use with your iPhone. These are the steps to carry out that, as you will see, will not take you long to complete:

  • The first thing, as it is logical to think, is that you access the Settings of the terminal, something that you can do simply by clicking on the corresponding icon among those that you have in the list of applications.
  • Now, in the list that appears on the screen with all the iPhone management sections, you must enter Sound and vibrations that is in the central area of ​​the screen. Here, now select keyboard response.
Apple iPhone 14 phone

  • You will see on the new screen in front of you that there are two options that are managed by a slider, which are Sound and Vibration. It is the second, the one that you have to disable, so that the energy consumption returns to the usual and not excessive due to the haptic keyboard.
  • You are done and, in principle, you should notice the difference clearly.

If for any reason, for example, due to comfort, you may again notice vibrations on the iPhone keyboard. You just have to change the position of the corresponding slider And, voila, you already have everything back to normal in iOS 16.


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