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This is the easiest way to download Instagram videos to your phone or tablet

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Surely on more than one occasion you have seen a video on Instagram that you would like to have saved. This, by default, is not possible to achieve in the social network application (unless it is yours, of course). But there is a very simple way to achieve it without having to install anything on the device, be it iOS or Android. The option we are talking about is to use a website where it is possible to do this with hardly any restrictions and, furthermore, in the simplest way possible. Our recommendation is that you turn to iGram. This is a free service -another of its great attractions, of course- that allows you to download everything from videos on Instagram to the photos you like the most. In other words, we are talking about an all-in-one that is most useful and reliable. Download Instagram videos with a website We show you the steps you have to take to access Instagram from a website and be able to get different content in a way that it is very possible that it would never cross your mind that it was possible. The truth is that the power and effectiveness of the page that we have mentioned before is most surprising. This is what you have to do: Access the iGram website as usual from the browser you use on your phone or tablet. Use this link to do so. The interface is in Spanish, but you will see that everything is so simple that it doesn’t matter. The next step is for you to enter Instagram and select the content you want to download. Long-press on it and, in the menu that appears, select the Copy link option. Now you have to go back to the browser and at the top of the screen, you will see a box where you can write text. Paste in the usual way what you have copied (long press on it, and select the corresponding option). You can also use the Paste button that exists right next to it. Next thing you need to do is use the Download button, and at this point, what you have to do is wait for iGram to work its magic to grab your chosen media content. It may take more or less depending on the video or image in question. You are now done, and you can repeat this action multiple times with no restrictions, which is another nice feature of this tool. Before concluding, you should keep in mind that the content that exists on Instagram may be copyrighted. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you take this into consideration, since if this is the case, by publishing it on your own -if you do it- I could incur a crime. >

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