This is the Bongo Serie A Connected scooter from Cecotec [Vídeo Review]

Brian Adam

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Electric scooters are devices that are transforming the concept of mobility, especially in large cities, where it is already common to see them circulate alongside cars, vans and all kinds of vehicles, on urban roads.

However, not all scooters on the market are the same. We have been testing for a few days the Bongo Series A Connected electric scooter from Cecotec, a vehicle with great power -up to 700 W- that climbs hills easily and that stands out for having an interchangeable battery, a very robust design and the possibility of being linked to a mobile app to view different information and control the settings of the skate. Don’t miss our unboxing and our impressions in the following video:

As we discussed in the video, the Bongo Series A Connected electric scooter by Cecotec It stands out for its power, which allows it to move on any surface in a stable way. Its wheels are 8.5 ”tubeless, resistant and with an anti-burst system.


It has a range of 25 kilometers and is one of the few scooters on the market with a removable and interchangeable battery, from the Panasonic brand. In a matter of 4 or 5 hours a full charge is produced.

With the Bongo Series A Connected electric scooter from Cecotec, the user can choose three different modes to adapt to all types of riding:
-Eco mode for safe handling with battery saving.
-Comfort mode for the best performance combined with optimal battery consumption.
-Sport mode to achieve maximum power on different terrains and speeds of up to 25 km / h.

In addition, it has a triple extreme safety braking system, with disc brake, electric and added rear manual brake. Your on-board computer shows speed and battery, and also marks the status and settings of the scooter.

It weighs 13.5 kilos and can be easily folded, including the handlebar, to be stored anywhere. It has a price of 299 euros on the Cecotec website.