This is the best way to download a Twitter video on mobile or PC

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As much as other platforms make things easy, on this social network, at the moment, there is no native function that allows you to get a video. Something that can be found for photos. However, that does not mean that you cannot get to save it. There are different alternatives with which you will be able to download a video from twitter No problem.

get a video of Twitter It’s not complicated, but it’s not as easy as on Facebook either, where you can quickly save a video with just a few clicks. For the blue bird social network, you have to use a series of alternatives to download videos to your mobile or from a computer without many obstacles. Although for this, you have to resort to third-party tools or web pages.

How to download a video from Twitter

To get to get a clip of this social network on mobile or on a computer there are different options. Some are faster than others, but they still serve the ultimate goal: saving the video you want. For this reason, here we are going to propose different alternatives so that you have several possibilities to choose from.

Use a website

This first method works for both mobile and the PC version of Twitter. To do this, you just have to locate the tweet with the video you want and copy video address:

  • From the PC, click the mouse button and tap on copy video address.
  • From an Android mobile, tap on the share button by clicking on the video and select the option to copy the link of the tweet or video to have the URL. And if you have an iPhone, tap on the Share button that appears in the bottom right corner and select Copy Link.
  • Go to the TWDOWN page and insert the link of the clip you want to get.
  • Hit the Download button, click again Discharge in the quality option that interests you the most.
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twdown web

These same steps, that of copying the URL of the video and putting it on a website, also work with other well-known pages such as or Download-Videos-from-Twitter. So you have several alternatives from which to choose freely.

With a mobile application

If what you want is to have a mobile application to download videos from Twitter, there are different options too. It all depends on whether you have an Android or iOS phone. But, in both operating systems there are apps that allow it easily and its operation is quite similar to the previous web page. The procedure in both is the same:

  • In Androidyou have to enter the tweet with the clip and touch share to get the address of the video.
  • In iphonetap on the Share button and select the Copy link option.

Once you have it copied, you will have to open the application for your Android or iOS mobile, add it and download the video. As simple as that. The two apps that you can use are the following:

Download Twitter Videos - GIF
Download Twitter Videos - GIF

QR code

Download Twitter Videos – GIF

TweetSave - Twitter video Save
TweetSave - Twitter video Save

QR code

TweetSave – Twitter video Save

app Download Twitter Videos

use a bot

Another of the methods that more and more users resort to to download a video from twitter is the famous bot GetVideoBot. In addition, its operation is very simple. You can even use it on your mobile or computer, since you only have to write a tweet.

To get the video is as simple as mention @GetVideoBot to give you a download link so you can get any video that appears on the social network. In this way, it will give you a quick download link in a matter of seconds.

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